Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormone therapy means:

  • Using hormones in their natural state, as created by nature and extracted from plant sources in a way that the molecular structure of the hormones is not changed or modified in any way.
  • Hormones that are identical to hormones created and used by the human body.
  • These bioidentical hormones are given in therapeutic doses to correct hormone imbalance in the body.

Note: Be assured that the products on this site are superior quality. I have been directly connected to the natural health industry for over 35 years, writing, researching and experimenting.

For example: The progesterone cream on this site is much more concentrated than most of what you'll find on the internet. 

If you try some sort of health product, you want it to be powerful enough to have a noticeable effect. 

Sometimes, if a formula isn't powerful enough, people may quit taking it thinking they don't need it because it made no difference.

A stronger formula may have given the results they wanted, whether it's bioidentical hormone therapy or some other type of supplementation.

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Bioidentical Hormones -
The Forgotten Health Miracle

Why are hormones a forgotten health miracle?

Many people - men and women, spend a big part of their life with symptoms that are never connected to a cause.

Many people assume only women have hormone problems and men who think they may have hormone problems think only of testosterone.

There are many misconceptions in the hormone information field and this is part of the reason many people with hormone imbalance are never diagnosed.

First of all, bioidentical hormone therapy can improve health for the majority of people.


Here's a simple example; Insulin is a hormone. It helps to control blood sugar levels in the body, whether you are male or female. When blood sugar goes haywire, we all know what the end result is - diabetes.

Vital roles are played by all hormones in the human body. The hormones that have to do with sexual development and function are the ones usually thought of when hormones are mentioned.

The truth is that no one can live without the function of many important hormones.

When these hormones get thrown out of balance, all kinds of negative symptoms can arise. Some common symptoms have to do with the reproductive functions.

Many factors can throw these hormones out of balance. Correcting this imbalance with bioidentical hormone therapy can lead to improved health and longevity, no matter what your age.

Balancing hormones improves the way your body uses and absorbs nutrients, so bioidentical hormone therapy can improve almost any and every aspect of your life - mental, physical and emotional.

Side Effects of Synthetic Hormones

Many people, including medical doctors will describe pharmaceutical hormones as natural, but it's not true.

They are synthetic hormones and that's why they can have very negative side effects.

An extreme example is birth control pills - they have been proven to cause cancer.

The side effects can vary and synthetic hormones are given for various conditions to men and women. Some people display little or no noticeable side effects and for some people, the side effects are worse than the original symptoms.

Also, just because there are no noticeable side effects doesn't mean it isn't affecting the body internally and though it may take some time, future negative health conditions may develop that are never connected to taking synthetic hormones.

But the bottom line is that no one should fool around with their health if they can use natural health products instead of synthetic pharmaceutical products.  Go natural and avoid possible negative consequences in the future.

Bioidentical hormone therapy also has the advantage of correcting many symptoms that synthetic hormones cannot correct.

Also, side effects of pharmaceutical drugs are due to the body not recognizing the substances as natural.

The body trying to get rid of unnatural substances is what causes the side effects.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Helps to Balance The Whole Body 

Synthetic hormones are designed to deal with specific symptoms while bioidentical hormone therapy can help to balance and smooth many body functions that are upset due to hormone imbalance.

Here's an example for you.

Let's say that pharmaceutical hormones are given to someone to deal with PMS issues.

These synthetic hormones have different effects on different people but let's also assume that they help someone to deal with PMS issues (much of the time they have terrible side effects).

The person taking them may not have any noticeable side effects and they may help with her symptoms.

So, they may address symptoms but do not address the cause of the problem and also do not address other problems that are related to hormone imbalance.

Now, let's suppose that another person takes bioidentical hormones and notices positive changes in mood, digestion, sleep patterns and experiences natural weight loss in addition to easing PMS symptoms.

It is not unusual to notice such dramatic health improvements with bioidentical hormone therapy.


Because hormones are the messenger system for the entire body.

Please Note: Even though birth control pills are sometimes given to deal with female type symptoms, they are synthetic hormones, so they will actually increase hormone imbalance.

Hormones Are The Messenger System for The Human Body

Many people think of hormones in relation to sex or females but their functions are much more than just sex related and hormone balance is important for males and females.

Hormones are a communication system that tells each cell in the body what to do and when to do it. Taking in nutrients, getting rid of waste, controlling temperature and all body functions - when this system is upset by hormone imbalance, it can result in all kinds of negative symptoms.

Synthetic pharmaceutical hormones cannot correct this type of situation.  They can only address symptoms and much of the time, they cannot even do a good job of that.

Another problem is that many of the chemicals used in our food chain are synthetic estrogen type chemicals.

Each cell in the body has hormone receptors and when the natural hormones on these receptors are displaced by these synthetic hormone imitators, it begins to cause problems.

Bioidentical hormone therapy can also reverse this process and the negative effects of these synthetic hormone type chemicals.

These chemicals are one of the main reasons why so many people experience hormone imbalance symptoms. It's a result of our modern lifestyle and all the chemicals in our food chain.

There are also other reasons for hormone imbalance and you'll find much  information  on our other web pages. Alcohol, prescription drugs, poor diet, disease, illegal drugs - these can all affect natural hormone levels and functions in the body.

Hormone Imbalance
Can Cause Disease

Hormone imbalance affects the whole body.

Although we have some common symptoms listed for different types of hormone imbalance, since hormones affect everything that goes on in the body, imbalance can lead to many problems, including disease.

When processes inside the body cannot operate properly, over time, problems cannot be avoided.

Synthetic hormone therapy cannot address this situation completely, in addition to causing side effects.

That's why bioidentical hormone therapy is recommended as the safest, most effective way for  most people to deal with hormone imbalance.

As you age, problems and symptoms of hormone imbalance will increase. Many times the first symptoms to appear are related to the reproductive system, but over time, the symptoms can be all kinds of physical, mental and emotional problems.

Remember, hormones control everything that happens in the body and that includes delivering nutrition to cells and removing waste. No matter how healthy you eat, if hormones are out of balance, you can develop symptoms.

Only bioidentical hormone therapy can address that type of situation successfully and reverse all hormone related imbalances.

Chronic Yeast Infections &
Hormone Imbalance

Sometimes, when hormone imbalance occurs, it is necessary to correct the underlying causes before hormone levels can be corrected.

One example is yeast infection.

Chronic yeast infections usually cause hormone imbalance and hormones will never balance properly until the yeast infection is eliminated.

Health Tip

Weight issues are commonly due to hormone imbalance but can also include many other health factors.

When people say - I've tried everything and can't lose weight - usually hormone imbalance is involved.

Improving your health habits will also improve hormone balance and help with weight control. 

Many health and weight issues can be directly affected by bioidentical hormone therapy.

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