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The best anti aging products are the ones that correct imbalances in your body. An out of balance body is a body that ages and breaks down much faster.

The best topical skin products in the world will only help you on a temporary basis. They cannot address the factors inside your body that are the major causes of aging.

Yes, some high quality products may help your skin look better if your skin is dry or missing certain nutrients. But your skin is a reflection of what is going on inside your body and this can never be corrected 100% from the outside.

For example; Some natural oils may make your skin look/feel softer but will not stop premature sagging, wrinkles, etc.

And if your diet is short of healthy oils, your skin will still age faster than it should.

So, the best way to address it is to make your body work better to maximize the potential for good health throughout your body and this will show in your skin.

Then, adding a high quality skin product can enhance the results and that's when you will be aging gracefully. You cannot stop aging it but you can definitely slow it down.

So, the best place to start with anti aging products is to understand major factors that are causing quicker aging and address these issues. When you feel better, you will look better.

Anti Aging Products Should Be All Natural

Many people don't stop to think about it, but most of the creams and lotions on the store shelf are loaded with all kinds of chemicals including colors, fragrances and preservatives. 

That's in addition to other qualities that chemicals are used for such as spreading smoothly, stiffening liquids so they don't run, keeping oils from separating, etc.

In addition to that, many of the oils used in skin creams are definitely not healthy.

They are processed and refined with harsh chemicals and in the end, even if your skin feels smoother for a couple hours, you are actually speeding up the aging process because of the harsh ingredients.

But people tend to believe the ads promoting such products and seem to have faith in the people and companies promoting the products, never thinking about the monetary angle.

Also, on top of that, skin products are not a highly regulated industry. Companies can make all kinds of claims and not have to answer for them.

That includes all kinds of claims about anti aging products being natural too.

Here's an example; "Contains Natural Ingredients." 

Does that really tell you anything? Water is a natural ingredient and it doesn't say that all of the ingredients are natural. They play with words in many ways to fool the buyer.

So, you need to learn a little about the industry and also, with resources at your fingertips (computers, google, etc.), you can research the ingredients for yourself.

Bottom line is to learn something about anti aging products and methods of production before you fall for the snake oil salesmen waiting for you.

Not All Man Made Chemicals
Are Bad

Also, not all chemical sounding names on the ingredient list may be toxic to you. 

Again, search on the internet and you'll find what most things are, but also be aware that searching for some chemicals may give you mixed results.

There are now over 84,000 man-made chemicals in out environment, so it's impossible to list them all here. They may not all be toxic but a high percentage of them are, some mildly toxic and some severely toxic.

You may find a website that says there are no known negative side effects about a certain substance but you may find another website that says it's a suspected carcinogen.

In most cases it is a suspected carcinogen but not proven, so make your own decisions in such cases. Also remember that anecdotal evidence can strongly point in the direction of cancer but medically speaking, it hasn't been proven in controlled testing.

Many substances fall into this category because no one wants to pay for the research unless there's a lot of money to be made by doing it.

Some of us will only use products that are 100% natural sourced although it is definitely more expensive than a department store brand but then,  a Rolls Royce will always cost more than a Detroit product. You can't escape that.

Also, most people will never take health as far as they should. It's too easy to follow the pack and believe what you want to believe. That includes buying cheap products and believing what the labels and advertising says about it.

Ignorance is bliss and a closed mind is happy staying closed. Opening your mind means taking responsibility for your life and health instead of putting it in someone else's hands.

The Three Most Important Factors of Anti Aging
in Industrialized Countries

There are many things you can do to improve your health but in industrialized countries the three most important things that directly affect aging are fluctuating blood sugar levels, hormone imbalance and inadequate nutrition.

Diabetes is literally exploding in numbers the last couple decades and the hidden one, hormone imbalance, is known by researchers but not common knowledge among most practitioners.

One factor involved in both of the above that can speed up aging exponentially is inadequate nutrition.

You can control all of these factors and these factors are responsible for more health problems and premature signs of aging than any other factors in the world. 

I know, most people think our modern diet gives us most of everything we need, but although we have gotten most diseases under control and have a more varied diet than our ancestors, it's a diet that also contains a lot of things the human body was never designed to process.

The skin is a major method that the body uses to excrete toxins. That's also one of the reasons for skin problems, including acne.

Now, on this page, you will learn anti aging secrets the sensible and most effective way and what the best anti aging products really are.

The way nature intended it to be and how the natural balance became upset so badly, that chronic disease and conditions are as common as dirt on the sidewalk.


Anti Aging Secrets

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