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A real anti aging secret works from the inside where aging begins.

You can never stop aging from the outside. You can only make skin look better temporarily. Body functions not working at high efficiency and incomplete nutrition cause body breakdown faster and cause premature aging.

You Can't Have Perfect Health On This Polluted Planet, But When You Know The Most Important Causes of Aging, You Can Slow It Down To A Crawl!

Skin Creams Are A Temporary Fix! They Don't Address The Cause Directly.

Changing Your Health is Permanent. The Best Anti Aging Secret of All!

Anti Aging Secret #1

A fluctuating blood sugar level is one of the biggest factors in chronic health problems.

Even if you don't get diabetes, if you are eating a typical American diet, your body is breaking down and aging much faster than it should.


Because optimum nutrient absorption occurs within a very narrow blood sugar range in the body. Any slight variation above or below the normal range and nutrients aren't absorbed as well and body functions aren't working at 100% efficiency.

This is one of the reasons diabetics display so many negative health symptoms. Their level of nutrition is not as good as it should be so their body begins to break down faster.

Constant blood sugar fluctuations cannot be avoided with the typical North American diet, which contains foods that are always raising blood sugar levels and processed carbohydrates are the big dietary factor in this situation.

Eating healthy carbs can make a huge difference. Raw fruit is a good example or raw vegetable snacks and salads.

Part of the problem also with processed carbs is not just that they constantly raise blood sugar levels but are also short of nutrients. You need the right amount of nutrients also to maintain health and many trace elements are missing in processed foods. 

The nutrients are destroyed by processing or aren't there in the first place because of growing methods and conditions. Synthetic fertilizers, depleted soil nutrients and harvesting before maturity all add up to missing nutrients.

Then you eat low nutrient food and wonder why, over time, you develop health problems.

Helps to Control The Absorption of Carbs Avoiding Spikes in Your Blood Sugar. Also Helps to Heal The Cells in Your Pancreas Responsible for Producing Insulin.

Clinically Tested & Doctor Approved.

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels is One of The Most Powerful Anti Aging Factors

Anti Aging Secret #2

Another very important anti aging secret is maintaining good hormone balance.

Hormone imbalance, in the short term, usually causes problems with the reproductive system and over time, many other symptoms can manifest because hormones control everything that happens in the body.

The medical profession knows hormone imbalance can cause problems but it is rarely diagnosed and usually diagnosed when women have problems that are driving them crazy and cannot be ignored any longer.

Many female reproductive problems are caused by hormone imbalance; endometriosis, early menopause, PMS symptoms, PCOS, infertility, hair loss, dry skin, etc.

Men can experience E.D., hair loss, low libido, no drive to succeed, etc.

Over time, males and females can develop many other problems since hormones control every function in the body. Circulation problems, allergies and sensitivities, joint/muscle aches, digestion problems, and in the end, there may connections to many other conditions since hormones are crucial to good health.

Due to industrial pollution, most people in industrialized countries will have some hormone imbalance and you can read about the industrial pollutants called xenoestrogens here, which are a bigger health problem than the medical profession is ready to admit.

You cannot have really good health without good hormone balance.

The medical profession knows that hormones are crucial but they don't seem to realize that it's a cause of many common problems. They don't realize that by the time they diagnose it, it is usually at a critical stage. Dealing with it before it gets critical can save a lot of aggravation and frustration.

I would recommend everyone to read books by Dr. John Lee, a medical pioneer regarding bioidentical hormone therapy. Although some information has changed slightly, such as amount of bioidentical hormones to use, the basic information is still accurate. His books are listed on Amazon.

A big problem with bioidentical hormone therapy is that because the treatment is natural, there isn't as much research done on the subject as there should be.

The pharmaceutical companies can't patent natural supplements, so they aren't interested in researching the subject, so the proof that it works is in the anecdotal evidence from people who have used it for years.

Natural Hormone Balance - A Natural Anti Aging Secret That Improves Your Health & Increases Energy.

Anti Aging Secret #3

The third important anti aging secret is missing nutrients.

When you aren't receiving the nutrition you need, over time, body organs and systems begin to work below 100% efficiency.

This speeds up aging and the hormones and blood sugar problems mentioned above are accelerated, so aging is accelerated.

Some vitamins and minerals are still abundant in our food but there are also many trace elements that are now missing from our diet and only supplementation may correct this, although healthier diet will also help.

One example is chromium.

This mineral is absolutely essential for regulating blood sugar levels in the body, but it's also an element that is now missing in our food chain. Supplementing with trace elements like this can not only help to avoid disease, but also help you to live longer and healthier.

There are many other elements in short supply in our food due to modern growing and harvesting methods and making wise supplement choices can make a huge difference in your health.

A source of complete and natural trace elements can help to achieve and maintain good health into old age and is a powerful anti aging secret.

Now a short note about the supplements especially helpful for skin. Once you improve your overall health with proper nutrition, you should add these ingredients.

  • Hydrolyzed collagen. There are many forms of collagen on the market, but many of them do you no good if the body can't break down and absorb them properly.
  • Hyaluronic acid helps your skin retain moisture and that's what gives babies such soft skin. And again, use a form that is well absorbed by the body.
  • Balancing hormones with bioidentical hormones will help your body to use the collagen and hyaluronic acid much more effectively and taking liquid drops of Vitamin D3 will help your body to absorb the bioidentical hormones better.

Read this info about one of the most potent trace element formulas ever created.

Near perfect health is the only real anti aging secret, but you have to work for it. You can't have near perfect skin or health by smearing creams on the outside.

The Anti-Aging Book That Can Really Help You Turn Back The Clock. It's Not Just Adding More Years to Your Life That is Important - It's Being Healthy Enough to Really Enjoy Them!

Every Anti-Aging Secret Known By Science Brought Together in This Ground Breaking Little Book!

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Powerful Anti-Aging Secret #4

There is one more extremely powerful anti-aging secret discovered by scientific research. It's much too long to explain here but this anti-aging secret is specific supplements that have been proven by science to extend cell life, but are not well known by the general population.

All the info is in my new book, The Anti-Aging Manuscript.

If you're wondering why this life extension miracle isn't more well-known, that's also explained in the book.

This book also goes into the other areas of anti-aging deeper and explains what you need to do to turn back and slow down the clock.

There are some very specific reasons why I enjoy a high level of health and energy at 67 years old and am involved in physical activities such as Kung Fu.

It's because I'm super healthy and the reason I can still be very active is no accident.

It's due to very specific habits and supplements and anyone who wants to make the same changes, can do it too!


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