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A fluctuating blood sugar level is a major factor in many health problems.

Many people thing that, as long as they don't develop diabetes, they are OK, but fluctuating blood sugar levels damage health even if you don't develop diabetes.

Diabetes develops because blood sugar levels start fluctuating beyond what the body can cope with, but the problems begin long before that.

A diet high in sugar and processed foods shouldn't be eaten in the first place, but people eat it just because they like it and don't realize it is damaging their system.

A fluctuating blood sugar level also indicates that you have higher risk for developing high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol because these problems all have a strong link to poor diet.

Pre-diabetic symptoms are there, but because most people's health is slightly compromised to begin with, they usually don't notice slight changes in health or the minor symptoms that may indicate a beginning blood sugar problem.

Testing for Blood Sugar Level

There are two types of tests that an medical doctor will usually do to test blood sugar level.

1. Fasting glucose test. Done in the morning before eating. Normal range is 70-100 mg/dl. Pre-diabetes is 100-126 mg/dl and over 126 mg/dl is diabetic.

2. A1C test - measures the percentage of hemoglobin protein that is coated with sugar. The higher this level, the poorer your body's blood sugar control.

More comprehensive testing can be done of the following to indicate problems with control of your blood sugar level.

  • Branch chain amino acids
  • Oxidative stress and strength of blood vessels
  • Lipoproteins
  • Liver enzymes
  • Genetics
  • Inflammation proteins

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How Blood Sugar Level is Controlled in The Body

When glucose or foods that turn into glucose in the body are eaten, the sugar ends up in the bloodstream.

This sugar is used for energy and insulin allows this sugar to enter the cells. When the blood sugar level drops in the bloodstream, then the pancreas also slows production of insulin.

When pre-diabetes begins, the sugar builds up in the bloodstream due to insulin resistance. The cells become insulin resistant due to too much exposer to insulin, which is due to too much sugar.

Pre-diabetic symptoms can also begin if the pancreas becomes fatigued and cannot produce enough insulin to meet the demand.

The pancreas can become fatigues after an extended period of over-production of insulin, which is also due to too much sugar in the blood.

In addition, hormone imbalance also increase risk of diabetes and most people in industrialized countries have some hormone imbalance due to xenoestrogens.

The most effective way to deal with xenoestrogens is to balance hormones naturally with bioidentical hormones.

Balancing hormones can not only help to avoid diabetes but also enhances health, since even without diabetes, fluctuating blood sugar levels have a huge impact on health.

Research also shows that a mother who develops gestational diabetes has an increased chance of developing diabetes later on and so does her child.


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