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Normal blood sugar range is not exactly the same for everyone.

Research shows that some people without diabetes have high blood sugar spikes into the range of what is considered diabetes blood sugar levels but don't have diabetes.

Normal blood sugar range for a person without diabetes is usually 70-99 mg/dl before meals. This can also vary. It can be at 60 or up to 90.

Two hours after a meal a non-diabetic should be under 140 mg/dl.

The American Diabetic Association (ADA) says a person with diabetes has an average blood sugar range of 80-130 mg/dl  before meals and under 180 mg/dl two hours after a meal.

You can see that the blood sugar range for diabetics can go into the normal range before meals. This means diabetes blood sugar levels can be easily controlled and of course the best way is with herbs, since they have no side effects and can also help to improve pancreas function.

When a diabetic goes into the normal blood sugar range, it also indicates that the pancreas may still be producing insulin. When the pancreas is still working diabetes can be completely eliminated with a healthy approach.

The only secret to cure diabetes in this case is to control blood sugar which can be done naturally - no drugs required.

Blood Sugar Range Research

A study, which was done at the Stanford University School of Medicine in California, found that blood sugar levels spike in some people who do not match the presently accepted requirements for a diagnosis of diabetes.

It was also noted that some of these people reached a blood sugar range as high as  those that have diabetes.The results were based on a study that included 57 subjects, men and women, from age 25 to 76, who had no diabetes diagnosis.

All of the subjects had a continuous glucose monitor to wear for several weeks. The device had a sensor inserted beneath the skin to take blood sugar level readings every five minutes.

Due to their round-the-clock capability, the monitors can help to record patterns in the rise and fall of the subjects blood sugar range that most other tests cannot show.

Using these patterns, the researchers separated the participants into three distinct types that charted their blood sugar fluctuations after food consumption into categories of low, moderate, or severe.

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Pre-Diabetics Are Also At Risk for
Degenerative Health Problems

To learn more about the differences in blood sugar spikes, a smaller scale study was done within the original study.

This included 30 volunteers who wore glucose monitor devices continuosly but, instead of eating whatever they chose, they were all provided standardized breakfast meals which would give more accuracy in comparing blood sugar changes in people when they all consumed exactly same foods.

Eaten twice per subject, these meals were corn flakes with milk, the next two meals a protein bar, and the final two meals were a peanut butter sandwich. The cereal with milk meal produced blood sugar spikes in approximately 80 percent of the participants.

The very small size, of this study makes it impossible to predict whether it would apply to a larger, more diverse population sample. However, it does add to our knowledge of blood sugar fluctuations and the effects of different types of foods have on blood sugar fluctuations.

Beyond the more than 30 million people in the United States who have diabetes, it's  estimated that 84 million are pre-diabetic. That means their blood sugar levels are somewhat elevated and they are already at increased risk of developing complications such as kidney damage.

You might consider yourself healthy because you don’t technically have diabetes, but if you're borderline (pre-diabetic), your risk for serious health complications is still a lot higher.

Even though you don't have diabetes, continued blood sugar spikes may end up in diabetes and even if not, the constant spikes still do affect your health.

That's because there is a very narrow range where nutrients are absorbed best and above or below this range, nutrients aren't absorbed as well, which, over time, will definitely affect your health. Maybe in ways that are never connected to blood sugar range.

Other studies are showing the connection between high blood sugar and other issues such as higher risk for heart disease, which isn't hard to believe, since it's known that diabetes contributes to high blood pressure.

Controlling The Absorption of Carbohydrates is An Important Aspect of Reversing Diabetes.

The Other Important Aspect is to Improve & Heal Pancreas Function. No Drugs Can Do That!

Control Your Blood Sugar Range Naturally & Reverse Diabetes!


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