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You can boost your immune system naturally and there are certain herbs and supplements that can help to enhance immune system function, but the most powerful way to boost the immune system is by enhancing digestion and that means living a healthy lifestyle.

Many people, including the medical profession, look at the immune system as some sort of separate function that can somehow be adjusted and controlled as a separate entity, independent from the rest of the body.

The truth is that immune system function is so closely tied to other body functions  that to boost your immune system to a high degree requires looking at your body as a unit with functions that enhance and aid each other and when one function is poor, it affects other functions.

Immune system function is closely tied to the digestive system and depending whose information you read, you will see estimates that say anywhere from 60% to 90% of immune function depends directly upon the health and efficiency level of the digestive system.

A Weak Immune System Leads to Disease

Proper absorption of nutrients depends upon a healthy digestive system. Proper hormone balance also depends upon a healthy digestive system. You cannot have a healthy digestive system unless you have a proper good/bad bacteria balance in the digestive system.

Most people in industrialized countries have impaired digestion. This impairs immunity and shows up in all the diseases and chronic conditions you see or hear about every day.

Your immune system cannot function close to 100% without having your digestive system functioning at a very efficient level and the typical American dietary habits are very hard on the digestive system and this results in lowered immunity.

That's a major reason why there are more health problems in so-called modern industrialized societies like the USA and more doctors per capita than any other country on the planet. Poor health creates big profits for the pharmaceutical and medical professions.

All major diseases have been on the rise for decades and diabetes is turning into a worldwide sickness and is a problem that was almost non-existent a few decades ago.

You don't get any disease or chronic condition until your immune system is severely compromised. Cancer, arthritis, diabetes - you name it but anyone with a serious condition will have impaired digestion and impaired immunity because that's where the majority of health issues begin.

Excess Acidity Means Low Immunity!

There is a simple way to boost your immune system with supplements.

First of all, impaired digestion and disease conditions create an acidic body. The medical profession has been aware for many years that a diseased person has a highly acidic body, but they don't completely understand why because they have not studied or learned to treat this condition naturally. They just give certain drugs for certain symptoms.

Most people are too acidic, due to dietary habits, even if they don't have serious health issues. But people with serious physical health problems will always have a body that is in a highly acidic state. That's the way the body works and there are no exceptions.

So, a good way to boost your immune system quickly is to counteract this acidity quickly. It is not an overnight healing miracle, but it is a good way for a quick boost and if you are fairly acidic, you will also notice the effects very quickly, some times in just a few hours.

When you notice effects quickly, that is also proof that your immunity is low.

Minerals counteract acidity in the body and that's one of the reasons eating healthier improves immunity. Vegetables and fruits, especially raw, provide a much higher level of minerals and other nutrients than processed foods or cooked foods.

Most processed foods are low in nutrients and these are also the worst foods for creating an acidic body and creating ideal conditions for sickness and disease.

Minerals to Boost Your Immune System

Although all minerals help to counteract acidity and create an optimal acid/alkaline PH in the body, there are some minerals that are the major players in the game.

These minerals are calcium, magnesium, potassium and manganese.

Taking a good dose of these minerals every day can help to balance acidity quickly and you will probably feel the difference very quickly too.

Better yet, take a source that contains a range of all minerals needed by the body, since that will have even more effect.

If you buy the four supplements mentioned, get forms that absorb well. Some minerals have many forms available and some forms do not absorb as well as others. Ask someone at a health food store or a someone who knows a bit about nutrition.

There are also prepared supplements that are formulated to counteract acidity but you may have to try more than one to get the effect you want. It's simple, some are better than others and there are so many formulas on the market, there's no way I can state here, which one you should try.

The best approach would be to get magnesium, calcium, potassium and manganese in one formula if you can. Other than that, buy the supplements separately and take three times the daily recommended dosage for the first three days.

If you are fairly acidic, this will boost your immune system very quickly and you will feel the difference.

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Measuring Acidity in Your Body

Also, get some PH strips to test acidity before you start taking any supplements and then to monitor your PH daily after you start taking supplements.

Once you have eaten or drank anything in the morning, your acidity will change.

So, the best way to measure acidity is to do it first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything.

Work up a mouthful of saliva and fill a teaspoon with it. Then drag a piece of the PH test paper through the saliva and wait a minute or two for it to register color.

The chart that comes with the PH paper will tell you where your body lies on the acid/alkaline scale. Test every morning and the supplements will make a difference but after a few days, they will have maximum effect and at that point, only improving diet and health will take you the rest of the way.

The middle of the PH scale close to 7 is where optimal health is. You can't live perfectly, so a little under seven is OK. You should be able to get PH paper at a health food market, drugstore or online.

Also, many foods, due to the way they are grown, are low in minerals, so a powerful supplement that contains all known minerals that the body needs will also help to keep your body PH closer to where it should be.

Remember, if you want to not only boost your immune system, but enhance it permanently, you must change your habits.


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