CBD Extraction Methods

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The two main CBD extraction methods are with alcohol and CO2.

Alcohol does not need any hi-tech equipment and is very effective.

The important thing is that the alcohol used is pure - no chemicals or impurities. The plant material is steeped in an alcohol solution for a few weeks then the alcohol is drained off and used to make tinctures. An evaporation process is used eliminate the alcohol and a pure cannabis oil is left.

Other types of chemical solvents have been used to extract CBD oils but using other chemical solvents can introduce toxic residue into the CBD oil. 

CO2 extraction is the most common commercial method and produces safe, clean cannabis extracts. It is also a low temperature process, so the important elements in the oil are not degraded.

Butane extraction is used for many concentrates but it is highly flammable and can leave toxic residue in the oil. It has been a popular method because it is cheap and easy. Most wax type products are made with butane.

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