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Candida yeast infection is a silent epidemic. The one usually referred to is Candida Albicans. There are also other yeast varieties that can cause problems but Candida is the most common.

These pathogenic yeasts build a biofilm around their cells for protection from your immune system. That's why it takes a special approach to kill it and prevent it from recurring. You need to break down the biofilm around the yeast cells.

Due to diet and lifestyle that encourage yeast proliferation, many people have a Candida yeast overgrowth but are never diagnosed until symptoms become too severe to ignore.

They just ignore symptoms that aren't restricting or affecting their lifestyle too much or maybe try to use prescription drugs or home remedies, which may help temporarily, but will never cure a chronic yeast infection.

When Candida first became known, people tried to control it with diet. You can control it a certain amount but you can never get rid of it this way. You have to kill the yeast directly. Proper diet during and after killing the yeast off will encourage quicker healing and help ensure proper levels of good/bad bacteria in the digestive system.

Estimates vary but well over 50% of the general population in industrialized countries likely have some overgrowth and it's easy to see why the number could be much higher when you understand the lifestyle factors behind yeast infection.

It could also be called a silent killer. Over time, as it slowly drags health down and causes more symptoms, many people just put it down to aging or in many cases, they may be completely misdiagnosed if they see a doctor. Many people end up diagnosing themselves.

Candida causes havoc with the whole body because it affects processing and absorption of food, affecting nutrition in the long term and can result in organs and systems malfunctioning. This can cause other complications, symptoms and diseases which can cause misdiagnosis as to the real cause of the symptoms and problems.

Some people may not be affected too much and some people develop a yeast overgrowth that upsets their whole life.

Many times, there is a trigger that isn't suspected of doing any harm.

Prescription Antibiotics Cause Candida Infection

Anything that seriously upsets digestive flora can also cause a serious candida overgrowth, but the most common factor is prescription drugs and specifically, antibiotics. Synthetic hormones (birth control), other prescription drugs, poor diet, too much alcohol consumption can all add to a yeast problem.

Antibiotics don't discriminate; they kill the good and bad bacteria allowing yeast and bad bacteria to take over the digestive system. With time and aging, the yeast becomes a major health problem and many people don't know what to do about the symptoms and some may try home remedies and others may get misdiagnosed.

Over time, yeast can spread to virtually any and all parts and organs of the body.

This is called a systemic yeast infection because it affects the whole system.

Systemic candida infection can be a cause of IBS, Crohn's disease, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, although there can also be other causes for these conditions.

A recurring yeast infection means you never really got rid of it in the first place. You may have eased some symptoms temporarily, but the yeast was still there, waiting to reinvade again.

Many over the counter and home remedies fall into this category. They are not a cure and no home remedy will ever cure a chronic candida infection. You need to use a product that focuses on yeast and eliminates it in the digestive system. 

After eliminating candida in the digestive system, then your body can deal with yeast and bacteria overgrowth in other areas if you follow correct elimination procedure.

Anything that upsets hormones can also cause yeast infection. Birth control pills, HRT, etc. A poor intestinal flora balance will also disrupt hormones adding hormone imbalance symptoms to your problems.

Also, xenoestrogens are becoming a big problem leading to hormone imbalance and upsetting good/bad bacteria levels in the digestive system. This also can lead to yeast overgrowth.

Formulated Specifically To Kill Candida Yeast Overgrowth

Home Remedies Never Cure Candida

I have seen and read about many home remedies claiming to cure a yeast problem. This includes garlic, yogurt, oil of oregano, coconut oil, etc.

There may be some temporary relief with some methods but they will never cure it and most of the relief is just topical. It works on the surface. These home remedies don't have the ability to kill the yeast off faster than it can reproduce. 

That's what a good yeast killer will do - kill the candida off faster than it can replicate and a good probiotic is necessary so good bacteria can reestablish in the digestive system. This is the only way to keep bad bacteria and yeast from taking control again. You have to reverse the conditions that allowed yeast overgrowth to occur.


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