Causes of Insomnia

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The causes of insomnia are many.

Depression, health Issues, brain chemical imbalance, prescription drugs, etc.

Sleep deprivation is dangerous and over time, constant use of sleep medications can have serious negative effects on your health.

One common cause of insomnia is beta-blockers. That's the class of drugs used for high blood pressure. They suppress the natural secretion of the hormone melatonin, the chemical our body uses to help regulate sleep patterns.

Taking melatonin supplements may help with this and you may have to experiment with dosage as it comes in a wide range.

Actually, very little melatonin is required but absorption is the problem. Since the forms it is usually sold in is not a good form for optimal absorption, it may help some and others, it may help little or not help at all.

The answer is to take a form that will absorb well, which is hard to find.

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Causes of Insomnia Linked to Insulin Levels

Insulin levels can interfere with sleep patterns. Many medical studies have noted that people with hypertension have higher insulin resistance. 

You may not have a diabetes diagnosis, but your insulin levels may be high and that means your blood sugar is high. High blood sugar and high insulin makes it harder to fall asleep.

This risk is also increased for people on beta blockers since research has shown that beta blockers increase risk for diabetes. If it affects your risk for diabetes, that means it is connected to blood sugar levels and insulin. Just another effect of taking drugs that address symptoms but don't cure anything.

So, eating foods high in sugar and eating after 8 pm in the evening can affect sleep patterns a lot. Your body will be trying to digest food and blood sugar and insulin levels are increasing, when your body should be sleeping.

Sleep deprivation effects are linked to increased incidence of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes, as well as obesity. 

Insomnia can also make you moody and unable to concentrate and has even been blamed for causing over 274,000 workplace accidents and errors every year, at a cost of $31 billion! So there's no doubt that quality sleep is important.

You may want to think twice before filling a prescription for sleeping pills too, since research shows they're linked to a nearly four-fold increase in the risk of death and also carry increased cancer risks. To put it simply, they are powerful drugs that interfere with your metabolism and damage your body.

Hormone Imbalance Also Causes Insomnia

Hormone imbalance can also be a cause of insomnia.

Hormone imbalance also affects insulin levels and so, also affects blood sugar levels which can interfere with sleep patterns.

Also, hormone imbalance means there are systems within your body not operating at maximum efficiency. Hormones control every function in the body and when they are out of balance, you can experience much more than just reproductive issues\.

Reproductive issues are the most commonly known effects of hormone imbalance but over the long term hormone imbalance can cause many functions in the body to go out of balance.

Also, since hormone imbalance is connected to insulin levels, maybe now you are beginning to see how some of the causes of insomnia are interconnected. One thing going out of balance can affect many other things in the body ending up with insomnia that has multiple causes.

Digestion Problems Also Cause Insomnia

Depending on the problem, digestion problems may also affect sleep.

Directly affecting digestion is the ratio of good/bad bacteria in your system and your good/bad bacteria balance has a big effect on hormone levels in the body.

A severe hormone imbalance can be caused by infections such as a candida yeast infection and this turns hormone balance completely upside down. You can't correct any other problems until you cure the yeast problem. It has that much effect on everything that happens in your digestive system.

Stimulants Can Cause Insomnia

Many people use coffee as a morning pick me up because it is a stimulant but it's one of the common causes of insomnia.

But in the evening, not a good idea for some people. Caffeine blocks sleep inducing chemicals in the brain and increase adrenaline production. So, trying to eliminate this in the evening may help you.

Some people are extra sensitive and may have to quit coffee altogether. Try a coffee substitute if you find it hard to quit.

Anything that stimulates the brain may give you problems, which is a hazard with many prescription drugs.

Depression Closely Linked to Insomnia

Depression and insomnia are often found together.

Depression is linked to imbalance of brain chemistry. Imbalances in the brain are known to cause insomnia and many powerful drugs also upset brain chemistry.

The drugs may be causing all kinds of problems you're not even aware of and may be setting you up for severe problems in the future.

So, for most people who ask what the causes of insomnia are, I would say, improve your health and stop taking prescription drugs if possible and also take a look at anything in your diet that may over-stimulate you, such as sugar loaded drinks and snacks and anything containing caffeine.

If you need a sleep aid along the way, take a natural one. We all have issues in our lives that, once in a while, make it hard to sleep. For these times, take a natural sleep aid that won't interfere with your health.

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