Causes of Prostate Cancer

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Causes of prostate cancer are directly connected to lifestyle.

A lifestyle that introduces synthetic hormones, interfering with normal hormone balance in the body.

Natural progesterone helps many men deal quickly with prostate problems with no negative side effects.

Let's look at what effect diet can have directly on health.

Antibiotics are added to animal feed to prevent rapid spread of bacterial infection due to animals being kept in crowded conditions. 

This means that the meat and dairy products you eat is loaded with antibiotics. These antibiotics destroy the good bacteria in your digestive system.

This is more important than many people realize because the majority of your immune system is produced in the digestive system. Cancer only occurs when the immune system is weakened.

So, a weak immune system is one of the direct causes of cancer.

Synthetic hormones (xenoestrogens) are added to animal feed to increase meat and dairy production.

Many of the sprays used on food crops are also estrogenic type chemicals, so they are hard to avoid and eating chemical-free or organic type foods are one good way to avoid hormone imbalance due to xenoestrogens.

Address the causes of prostate cancer naturally with the most effective & concentrated natural formula available!

As for growth hormones, synthetic versions are added to animal feed to increase both meat and dairy production.

Synthetic hormones have been proven to increase the risk of cancer. Research has proven that birth control pills cause breast cancer and birth control pills are synthetic hormones.  

So, since synthetic hormones and antibiotics are directly related to causes of prostate cancer, it makes a lot of sense to consume the organic versions of these food products.

Hormone Imbalance One of Main Causes of Prostate Cancer

Cancer cells reproduce rapidly and estrogens are growth hormones. Too much estrogenic hormones result in accelerated prostate cell growth and that's why balancing hormones can help prostate cell growth return to normal levels.

The most effective method of balancing hormones quickly and naturally is with bioidentical hormones. Natural hormones don't carry the added health risk that synthetic hormones do and most hormones prescribed by medical doctors are synthetic hormones.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers now in North America and this is mainly due to hormone imbalance.

Hormone imbalance is usually thought of as a female problem but due to xenoestrogens, many males also have some hormone imbalance.

The prostate is sensitive to hormonal changes and only needs proper hormone balance to avoid most prostate related health issues, cancer or otherwise.



Prostate Treatment

Treatments for Prostate Cancer

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