Chronic Pain Medications &
Their Side Effects

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Replacing chronic pain medications with natural pain relief such as CBD oil could greatly reduce the use of narcotics and simultaneously decrease the number of accidental painkiller overdoses. Accidental pain killer death is one of the most common causes of preventable death in America.

But also be aware that, although many people smoke marijuana for health reasons, the synthetic version of marijuana has dangerous side effects. Stroke, brain damage, kidney damage, cardiac issues, tachycardia, psychosis and hypokalemia to name a few.

Because it is synthetic and not recognized as a natural substance to the body, it carries side effects just as prescription drugs do.

The common OTC pain killers are not commonly associated with serious negative side effects but especially with long term usage, they can also be dangerous and deadly. Occasional use won't affect you much but regular use can cause serious health issues.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), including ibuprofen, ketoprofen, and naproxen, may cause mild symptoms such as an upset stomach. They can also cause fluid buildup, leading to swelling (edema) and kidney and liver failure.

People who have asthma have a higher risk for serious allergic reactions to NSAIDs. These pain relievers can also increase blood pressure, especially if you already have high blood pressure. 

Many Different CBD Products Can Replace Chronic Pain Medications.Chewables, Vape Oil, Tinctures & Topicals

Side Effects of Chronic Pain Medications

The most common side effect of opioid pain killers is constipation.

Powerful drugs upset the digestive system due to upsetting the good/bad bacteria balance in addition to affecting organ function.

Constipation means inefficient digestion which affects nutrient absorption in a big way.

Hormone imbalance is another side effect that can affect your health very much. Hormones are your body's messenger system and when the hormones are out of balance, many functions are upset.

Problems associated with sexual function - low libido, hot flashes, erectile dysfunction, menstrual issues, infertility and PMS.  Also problems not directly related to sexual function such as low energy, weight gain, osteoporosis.

This can also result in other symptoms that are not interpreted as hormone problems and upset hormones can also lead to another common symptom - depression.

Worse pain. Sometimes the patient's pain gets worse with opioid pain killers and this is still not understood.

Addiction. This is a big problem with opioids in addition to accidental death. The opioid manufacturers are now looking for a drug antidote for opioid side effects. Can you believe that?  As news of the dangers of opioids became more well known, sales started declining in recent years, so the pharmaceutical companies started looking for a way to prop up sales. 

Weakened immune system. This is also a common symptom because affecting digestion with powerful chronic pain medications also affects the immune system. A good functioning immune system is dependent on healthy good/bad bacteria levels in the digestive system.

Depression. Powerful drugs affect the brain and emotions in negative ways in addition to the upset hormones causing depression. This may seem strange but it happens - the patient may be prescribed anti-depressants - some more powerful drugs to deal with the symptoms of other drugs. Does this make sense to you?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oils have none of these side effects and relieve pain better than chronic pain medications. Which choice makes the most sense?

CBD Oils May Help You Eliminate
Chronic Pain Medications  

If You'd Rather Not Smoke, CBD Oil is The Quickest & Most Effective Way of Relieving Pain As Well As Avoiding The Side Effects of Chronic Pain Medications.

Below are some examples of health issues that powerful prescription drugs including  chronic pain medications are commonly prescribed for. These are also health issues that have responded well to CBD oil therapy.

These are only a few examples - there are many more health conditions that will respond positively to CBD oils and possibly help you to avoid prescription drugs or lower your dosage.

  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Chronic muscle pain 
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure 
  • High cholesterol
  • Insomnia 

CBD oils can be very effective at dealing with symptoms of the above. This lets many people lead a more normal life instead of being isolated and having their lifestyle overly restricted by their symptoms.

Also, using powerful drugs can result in side effects that keep people from living normal lives. In addition, most powerful drugs are not as effective as CBD oils at dealing with pain and other symptoms. Many drugs also lose effectiveness over time, requiring you to increase dosage, increasing your risk even more for health problems.

Each year over two million Americans suffer from serious adverse drug reactions. According to the FDA, this results in over 100,000 deaths each year.

That makes prescription drugs the fourth leading cause of death annually in the US.

The estimate of death from illegal drugs is around 10,000 per year. Do you see some irony in the way the FDA is protecting you?

Here's a link to an article on that gives some information on the dangers of over the counter pain killers. Here's information from the Cleveland Clinic on OTCs. 

Here's another WebMD article on opioid pain killers - the powerful ones that require a prescription. The WebMD articles are kind of brief and there are actually other websites with much more information on the side effects. Here's an opioid article from the Cleveland Clinic website for comparison - it's much more informative.

We include WebMD links because it's a website that's been around for a long time and people accept what is stated on the site as being the truth. It is usually accurate but at times the information is incomplete. Also, part of the problem is the type of evidence. The medical profession will depend on controlled studies to prove their claims.

But that's how it works on the internet - the websites with a more medical approach will downplay drug side effects and the effectiveness of natural therapies and sites that lean toward natural therapies will expose more of the untruths, partial truths and inconsistencies on the medical side.

Some websites on the natural side will also exaggerate claims but for the most part, they only need to tell the truth because many people now accept that natural is the best approach to take for most health issues, if possible. It's common knowledge that drugs carry much more serious side effects than natural therapies.

Many Herbs Used Successfully for Hundreds of Years With No Laboratory Proof

Cannabis has been used successfully for hundreds, maybe thousands of years for certain conditions including chronic pain but has little medical research compared to prescription drugs.  But it has  a much longer history of use and effectiveness than any chronic pain medications.

That's what you call anecdotal evidence - people using something successfully for many years or even medical or natural practitioners prescribing it, but few or no controlled lab studies done. The anecdotal evidence for cannabis is over whelming and can no longer be ignored by gov't and regulatory agencies, as more and more people are turn to this natural healing method and demand positive action from politicians.

The pharmaceutical companies don't spend time and money researching herbs they cannot patent and make money from. So, these herbs aren't researched the way prescription drugs are. For too long people and organizations in powerful positions  have tried to control health issues and chronic pain medications have been some of their biggest money making drugs.

Most important, when you try something natural and it works, you don't need the FDA or any so-called medical professional trying to tell you what will work according to their personal opinion or any so-called rules - you know from your own experience what works!

If you try CBD oil and it helps you, you don't need to seek anyone else's opinion on it!

Eliminating chronic pain medications can help to avoid future health problems. Adding natural pain relief that is more effective can help you regain a higher level of health and activity.


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