Chronic Yeast Infection

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Chronic yeast infection is a result of upset intestinal bacteria balance. The most common cause of chronic infections is the use of prescription drugs, especially antibiotics.

It Is such a subtle transformation from no infection to full blown infection that most people don't connect the cause of the yeast infections to their present symptoms.

It may be months or years after the cause that serious yeast infection symptoms are noted and symptoms become worse as the immune system weakens. Aging also adds to the problem as the immune system slowly grows weaker in most people as they age and due to lifestyle factors.

As the immune system grows weaker, symptoms will become worse and they may come to the point where the person is just about going crazy from not knowing how to deal with the symptoms.

Many people have an intestinal balance that is not optimal to begin with due to the modern lifestyle and this balance can be easily upset from things such as prescription antibiotics, too much alcohol, poor diet, birth control pills and other powerful drugs, whether prescription or illegal drugs.

There Are No Permanent Home Remedies
for Yeast Infections

Once you develop a chronic yeast infection, there are no good home remedies for yeast infection that will fix your problem.

You may find some temporary relief, but to cure yeast infection for good, you need a yeast killer that works well in your digestive system because that's where the problem began.

You need a specialized approach - a product designed specifically to deal with the yeast overgrowth.

Once you eliminate a chronic yeast infection, you need to ensure a healthier diet and  reestablishing the growth of good bacteria in your digestive system.

If you just get rid of the yeast without reestablishing good bacteria, yeast may take over again. This is what happens when you take antibiotics over and over. You get temporary relief and then the yeast comes back again.

After getting rid of the yeast, if you take any drugs, prescription or over the counter, you should also take a very high quality probiotic to ensure that you maintain a good intestinal bacteria balance, so yeast symptoms don't ever return.

Most of the time recurrent yeast infections are infections that are never dealt with properly. For example, if you take antibiotics for a yeast infection, you may kill the bad bacteria and yeast temporarily, but you also kill the good bacteria. This sets the stage for the bad bacteria to take over your system once again, since there isn't enough good bacteria to take control of your digestive system.

Then, as the bad bacteria slowly take over your system again, your yeast infection symptoms return. You need an approach that kills the bad bacteria and yeast and allows the good bacteria to flourish. That is the only way to return proper intestinal balance and avoid another chronic yeast infection for good.

The chemicals and additives in our food chain also add to the problem. All the processed foods with preservatives, synthetic chemicals and synthetic hormones add a big burden to the good/bad bacteria balance in the digestive system. 

These additives destroy good bacteria and many people do not have an optimal good/bad bacteria balance to start with, so a little extra push in the wrong direction, from prescription antibiotics for example, and then the chronic yeast infection begins.

A Product Formulated Especially to Fight Chronic Yeast Infection - A Natural Yeast Killer That Helps Reestablish Proper Intestinal Balance.

Chronic Yeast Infection Causes
Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Sometimes, just lifestyle factors can create a chronic yeast problem, even if you haven't taken drugs of any sort, due to all the chemicals and synthetic hormones in our food and environment plus overly processed food low in nutrients.

Also, a chronic yeast infection can seriously upset hormone balance, adding more symptoms to your yeast infection symptoms. That's another reason a yeast infection can be hard to diagnose. 

Yeast infection symptoms can be similar to symptoms of other conditions because a yeast infection upsets so many functions inside the body as it spreads from the digestive system to the rest of the body. This is called a systemic yeast infection since it invades your whole system.

Symptoms such as brain fog, mood swings, rashes, allergies, digestive problems, etc. are common with a chronic yeast infection and some of these symptoms can also show up with hormone imbalance. Long term hormone imbalance will bring even more symptoms as your immune system gets weaker and weaker.


Symptoms of A yeast Infection

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