Early Menopause

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Early menopause symptoms are usually related to hormone imbalance.

These symptoms are best treated with bioidentical hormones and not HRT (medical hormone replacement therapy) since HRT uses synthetic hormones which can make the symptoms worse and also increase cancer risk manyfold.

Synthetic hormones have been proven to cause breast cancer and birth control pills as well as HRT are made from synthetic hormones.

Bioidentical hormones can help return your body to a natural balance - just the way nature intended.

Many things can come together, causing hormone balance to get worse but there are a few major factors that usually start the problems.

Xenoestrogens are probably the main culprit, since most people are exposed to many of these chemicals, especially in industrialized countries. 

These man-made chemicals have an estrogenic effect on the body (men and women) and our environment is full of these chemicals.

These chemicals disrupt natural hormone balance and are also the main reason many young girls are reaching puberty earlier and displaying all kinds of symptoms similar to early menopause symptoms.

Reasons for Early Puberty Are Similar to Early Menopause

In addition to these symptoms, girls are developing much faster physically than girls did a couple generations ago and this is also due to hormone imbalance - too much estrogenic hormones in the diet and environment.

In addition to xenoestrogens causing early menopause symptoms, birth control pills also upset natural hormone balance and are another big reason for hormone imbalance.

Poor dietary habits can make the symptoms a lot worse and anything that upsets digestion in a big way can upset hormones balance too, especially antibiotics.

Prescription antibiotics are one of the worst causes of yeast infection and it's a guarantee - if you have a serious yeast infection, you will have hormone imbalance. 

Any time you take any prescription drugs, not only antibiotics, you should take a good probiotic.

That's because antibiotics don't discriminate - they kill the good and bad bacteria. Then the bad bacteria can slowlytake over turning into a serious yeast infection problem, usually the candida yeast variety.

That's why antibiotics can't cure a yeast infection. You may think you have cured it with antibiotics and then it slowly returns after the antibiotics are finished.

You need to use a natural yeast killer that replenishes the good bacteria instead of killing it off.

Also, don't make the mistake of thinking a serious yeast infection only occurs vaginally. It actually starts in the digestive system!

The Best Way to Treat Early Menopause Symptoms is With Bioidentical Hormones - Nature's Answer to Hormone Imbalance!

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

The best way to treat any hormone imbalance is with bioidentical hormones. They are natural and won't do any damage to your body since they are identical to the hormones your body makes.

Synthetic hormones such as birth control and HRT use hormones that are not molecularly identical to the hormones your body makes and this is what causes the symptoms and also the potential danger of cancer.

Another important thing to do to balance hormones is clean up your diet.

Many people think organic or chemical-free food doesn't make a big difference but the food crops that use all kinds of pesticides and growth chemicals are a big part of the problem in hormone imbalance.

That's where the xenoestrogens come from. They are man-made chemicals and have been proven to disrupt hormones. Many other chemicals, in addition to the chemicals used on food crops, have the same estrogenic effect on the human body.

To conclude, the best natural menopause treatment is bioidentical hormones. The benefits are no health risks, improved body function and good hormone balance is also known to be one of the most important anti-aging factors of all.



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