Endometriosis Treatment

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Endometriosis treatment is best done with bioidentical hormone therapy since it Is synthetic hormones that are the main cause of the problem.

Xenoestrogens, birth control pills and HRT (Medical Hormone Replacement Therapy) are all synthetic hormones and can cause Endometriosis.

It was suspected for many years that synthetic hormones can cause cancer. In recent years it has been proven that synthetic hormones can cause breast cancer, so if you are not now avoiding all types of synthetic hormones, it's a good time to start.

Although progesterone is the most important factor in balancing hormones naturally, you would do well to watch your diet closer, since most supermarket foods are loaded with synthetic growth chemicals and pesticides.

Many of these growth chemicals mimic estrogen in the body and displace normal hormones, causing many problems including endometriosis, early puberty, early menopause and many other symptoms such as depression, mood swings, irregular period, infertility, brain fog, low libido, etc.

After years of hormone imbalance, many other symptoms can also appear that you or your doctor may not connect to hormone imbalance. Falling hair, dull, dry looking skin and hair, varicose veins, digestion problems, allergies and on and on. That's because hormones control every biochemical reaction that occurs in your body.

Endometriosis Can Have many Symptoms & One of The Most Heartbreaking is The Infertility That It Can cause.

That's in Addition to The Excruciating Physical Pain It Can Bring.

Endometriosis is Only One of Many Problems That Can Be Caused by Hormone Imbalance & Restoring Natural Hormone Balance Can Eliminate It!

Cure It Naturally!

Medical Approach to Endometriosis Treatment

Instead of introducing more synthetic hormones into your body (medical HRT) or getting a hysterectomy, you would do well to use a natural endometriosis treatment.

Endometriosis responds very well to progesterone therapy and it's a natural approach.

Bioidentical hormones can correct your hormone imbalance problems instead of just dealing with endometriosis symptoms, which is what medical HRT does.

Another medical answer to endometriosis is hysterectomy. Hysterectomies have become the second most common surgery for women after Ceasarean section in the US.

Hysterectomy is permanent and so, the problems and side effects of a hysterectomy are also permanent issues you may have to deal with. That's because hysterectomies just deal with endometriosis symptoms and not the causes. Your hormones are likely to be even more out of balance after a hysterectomy.

A sad situation when you consider that a natural endometriosis treatment is much more effective, doesn't involve surgery or negative side effects and it actually treats the cause of the problem.

Endometriosis now affects over 12 million women in the USA and between 30% and 40% of women with endometriosis are infertile.

Before the year 1921, only 20 cases had been reported worldwide. It is most common in women between the ages of 25 and 40.

There is strong evidence linking it to a weakened immune system caused by one of the worst environmental toxins, dioxin. This chemical also has an estrogenic effect on humans and animals. That means it displaces normal hormones in your body.

Dioxin is a by-product of the manufacture of chemicals that use chlorine. This includes disinfectants, dry cleaning fluid, drugs, pesticides and plastic. German research shows that women with endometriosis also have a higher level of PCB's in their blood than those without the disease.

PCB's are similar to dioxins and increase the risk of miscarriage by causing a reduction in progesterone by accelerating the breakdown of progesterone in the liver.

Introduced in 1929, PCBs were used in the electrical industry, lubricants, plastics, paints, varnishes, inks and pesticides. They were banned in 1976, but only after over 1.5 million tons had been made!

PCBs do not break down and remain in the air, soil, water, animals, birds, fish and humans for good.

Too Much Estrogen Causes
Endometriosis Symptoms

The Most Effective Endometriosis Treatment is A Natural Treatment

Problems such as fibroids, uterine bleeding, symptoms of menopause and endometriosis usually begin because of too much estrogen in the body.

Estrogen promotes cell growth and too much estrogen stimulates cell overgrowth causing not only endometriosis symptoms but also fibroids, uterine bleeding, cramping, weight gain and even cancer.

Excess estrogen is also the only known cause of endometrial cancer and becoming a more common problem due to xenoestrogens!

Progesterone can deal effectively with excess the excess estrogens that are over-abundant in our food chain and environment.

Natural progesterone is unequalled in dealing with endometriosis and other female reproductive issues. It can stop these problems and has many additional health benefits as well (skin, hair, mood, PMS,  etc.)

Your body produces progesterone but too many dietary and environmental factors overwhelm progesterone production in the body, causing hormone imbalance. So, you need to supplement with natural progesterone to restore the proper balance.

Progesterone can also help improve fertility due to restoring natural hormonal balance since hormone imbalance is the major cause of endometriosis and the infertility that goes with it.

A healthy, chemical free diet can also help you regain and maintain proper hormonal balance.

Specific nutrients are needed for optimal hormone production in the body and processed foods containing chemical preservatives and coloring interfere with absorption of nutrients as well as being low in nutrients you need.


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