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Green cleaning products so safe that child proof caps are not required. Many of the products are patented and all products are concentrated to do the job as well or better than common commercial brand name versions.

Many of these green cleaning products are super concentrated, so they can be diluted which makes the cost comparable to any other commercial products.

In other words, switch to healthier, chemical-free products and do it for a similar cost to what you are paying now for common household and personal products.

Also, the products are sent direct from factory to you.

No middlemen, distributors or warehouses to add to the cost. Many household products pricing reflects extra cost for storage, shipping, advertising. Many times the actual cost of the products are a fraction of the total cost.

Also, most commercial products contain high amounts of water. That also adds to shipping cost. Our products avoid a lot of this cost through extra-concentrated formulas. Many of our formulas can be diluted and this saves money and you still have products that will do the job better and safer.

Green cleaning products from health product stores and markets may be good but their prices also reflect the extra production costs that we avoid with direct from factory pricing. 

You can read here what the class of chemicals known as xenoestrogens do to your body!

Powerful, Concentrated and Effective, Yet No Child Safety Cap Required. A Perfect Example of Green Cleaning Products That Do What Commercial Brands Do, But Do It Better & Healthier!

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Green Cleaning Products =
Zero Toxic Fumes

In addition, our products have no toxic fumes. Many common household cleaners have toxic fumes and research shows that breathing these fumes can have effects that are comparable to smoking.

There are many reasons to convert your home to cleaning products that will give you a safer, healthier home and it won't cost you any more than you currently spend for other personal and household products you are using.

Also, beware of companies that say they have green cleaning products but are misleading you. The formulas may contain some natural ingredients but may also contain other toxic ingredients.

This is a selling ploy many companies use, not just with cleaning products but also food and personal products. It's part of the selling game. 

They get to claim terms like "green" or "natural" on the label by using a natural ingredient and the other ingredients may be questionable.

You can research any and all ingredients in our formulas and see for yourself that the products are what we claim.

You will also notice when you read labels that, for the most part, products with all natural ingredients have a fairly short list of ingredients compared to most products that contain questionable ingredients.

Man-made chemicals are usually much cheaper and that's why most companies use them. 

On this webpage  is listed some of the common toxic chemicals used in household cleaners.

And remember, when these cleaners come into contact with your skin, they are absorbed into your body.

What effect might that have on your future health over time, especially when you literally come into contact with dozens of chemicals every day?

Please note: The product line is not only green cleaning products but includes a line of over 400 home & personal health & wellness products that are free of chemicals. The largest online health and wellness store in North America.

Remember your monthly home product expenses remain comparable - you are replacing toxic products you already use with chemical-free products and getting factory direct prices.

The products are proof you can live healthier without spending a fortune.

Also, the products have a 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Very few companies in our category record a 96% reorder rate and it takes exceptional products to accomplish that!

If you want to know more, just contact us with questions. You need to make personal contact with us to be set up in the program but there is no long term contract involved.

You can leave the program anytime you want without obligation or any kind of penalties.

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The Men's Book of Natural Remedies for Common Problems, Including Prostate Issues, Testosterone Levels, , Hair Loss, Liver, Gallbladder, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Immunity, Infertility & More.....

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