How to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

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When most men think of hormones, they wonder how to increase testosterone.

It's not only symptoms of low testosterone but symptoms of too much estrogen that that causes the symptoms of hormone imbalance in many males.

Because of the way information is presented in the media, many people think that male hormones are completely different than female hormones.

The truth is that men's and women's bodies use exactly the same types of hormones. It's only the amounts of each type of hormone needed that changes - males have higher levels of testosterone and females have higher levels of the estrogenic hormones.

Although in lower amounts, females need proper levels of testosterone for optimum health, just as much as men do.

How to Increase Testosterone is Not The Only Important Factor Regarding Men's Hormones

All hormones need to be in balance - so you need to address more than just how to increase testosterone, and improving levels of all hormones may be required for optimum health and vitality.

Also, since everyone is as different as their fingerprints, you may need more or less of certain hormones than another person.

The good news is that you can experiment with bioidentical hormones and herbal methods of increasing testosterone without being concerned about horrible side effects or cancer which can be a concern with medical (synthetic) hormone replacement therapy.

Also, bioavailable testosterone is not the same as total testosterone levels.

Testosterone can become bound to other elements in the blood. This makes it unavailable for use by the body. How to increase testosterone bioavailability may be the approach you need to improve your situation depending on other factors such as age.

Total testosterone levels begin to decline around thirty years of age, so you may need to increase both total testosterone and bioavailable testosterone levels.

Bioavailable testosterone is also sometimes called free circulating testosterone.

The good news is that total testosterone and bioavailable testosterone levels can be improved with natural methods.

Bioavailable Testosterone Treatment

Manboobs Caused by Hormone Imbalance

With males, too much estrogenic hormones are often as big of a problem as low testosterone levels. For example; A common cause of beer bellies is too much estrogenic hormones in the body.

Also, when too much fat is deposited on the chest (manboobs) compared to other areas of the body, it is due to hormone imbalance - too high estrogen levels!

One major reason for too much estrogenic hormones is directly connected to dietary habits. One way to help increase testosterone naturally is by eliminating high levels of estrogenic type hormones that are taken into the body through diet.

More and more people are turning to organic and chemical free foods for health reasons and hormone imbalance is one good reason to turn to a more natural diet.

It is more expensive for producers to get an organic label on their products because of the regulations imposed, but many stores now sell foods free of synthetic hormones and growth chemicals which is an important step.

Most people are aware of many chemicals being used in our food crops and animal raising operations but they are not aware of exactly what these chemicals can do once inside their bodies.

Many chemicals used on food and animal production are synthetic growth chemicals. They mimic estrogen and are called xenoestrogens.

They displace normal hormones on the hormone receptors in the body. Every cell in your body has receptors for hormones to attach to.

These xenoestrogens can cause all kinds of problems because they attach to the hormone receptors and upset normal hormone balance. Much of the time, Doctors will look at many other possible causes before they will think to take a look at hormone levels as the cause of health problems.

These synthetic chemicals cause too high estrogenic hormone levels in the body and a change of diet plus bioidentical hormone therapy is the best way to treat the problem.

A high level of these xenoestrogens may also result in low testosterone levels, adding more symptoms and problems.

Balancing Total Testosterone Levels


Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Bioavailable Testosterone Treatment

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