Hysterectomy Surgery

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Hysterectomy surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed on women in the US.

A truly sad state of affairs when understanding the cause can help most people to reverse the problem and avoid surgery.

Like many reproductive issues, a big part of the problem is hormone imbalance. But the answer is not to provide more synthetic hormones, since they are a cause of the problem.

Since excess estrogens, especially xenoestrogens, are the most common cause of the symptoms leading to a hysterectomy, the best answer is to balance hormones naturally the way nature intended. This can help eliminate hysterectomy surgery for the vast majority of women who are told they need it.

Excess estrogen is also the major cause of girls reaching puberty much earlier than they did a couple generations ago.

Adequate levels of natural progesterone help to control excess estrogen - the major cause of female reproductive problems.

For many women, a hysterectomy is done to eliminate fibroid tumors. Other surgeries may be less invasive such as an endometrial ablation and robotic laparoscopic myomectomy. But the problem is that any surgery is addressing symptoms instead of causes, so after surgery, the original cause is still lurking.

Endometrial ablation is a procedure that destroys the endometrial lining of the uterus and is not just removal of fibroids. 

Types of Hysterectomies

  • Total hysterectomy - removal of uterus and cervix.
  • Total hysterectomy with oophorectomy - ovaries and Fallopian tubes also removed.
  • Supracervical or partial hysterectomy - removal only of upper part of uterus.
  • Radical hysterectomy - total hysterectomy plus removal of structures around the uterus.

Is Hysterectomy Surgery Necessary?

Is hysterectomy surgery really necessary?

The answer, in most cases, is no.

Before you agree to hysterectomy surgery, you should ask yourself these questions.

  • Why do so many women have fibroids and other uterine complications? Complications that were a lot less common a couple generations ago.
  • Is there a way to deal with the problem without surgery and keep all the parts you were intended to have?

Like many other female reproductive issues, hormone imbalance is the major factor.

Also, hysterectomy surgery is not the end of all problems because the major cause of the problem was hormone imbalance, which still exists after surgery and can still be causing other symptoms not connected to hormone imbalance.

After a hysterectomy, many doctors prescribe some form of estrogen, which is synthetic. This is not going to improve your health concerns the way you want - it's still resulting in too much estrogen, which was the cause of your problems to begin with.

Many women continue to experience negative symptoms after a hysterectomy, so it's not an end-all solution by any means.

Over time the continuing hormone imbalance can cause many other health problems and be a major cause of body breakdown and faster aging, since hormones control all body functions.

It is now known that hormone imbalance can also cause blood sugar problems, contributing to diabetes.

Also, synthetic progesterone, such as Provera, is not the same as natural progesterone, although it's what many doctors prescribe and Provera is also known for some terrible side effects.

Here's an example of how a little change makes a big difference in hormones.

A testosterone molecule and an estrone molecule are virtually identical except for the positions of the O and OH atoms on the molecule, which is reversed.

This small change makes the difference between a human male and a female.

Still think synthetic hormones are OK and won't hurt you?

Natural Bioidentical Progesterone is The Best Way for Improving Female Reproductive Issues & Helping to Avoid Hysterectomy Surgery.

Hysterectomies Affect
Hormone Levels

Something else very important related to hysterectomies is the fact that they  remove parts of your body that help to regulate hormone levels.

Not a good idea when you have a condition caused by hormone imbalance, to make the imbalance worse. Hormone balance will be affected but not the way you want.

A hysterectomy is surgically induced menopause and if your ovaries are also removed (oophorectomy), your body's production of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone immediately declines.

Your body has other ways to try to adapt to this situation but it cannot produce enough natural hormones to avoid side effects that are due to low levels of natural hormones and high levels of xenoestrogens.

The medical method of dealing with this situation is to offer you synthetic hormones, when what your body needs is natural, bioidentical hormones.

Even if you don't have ovaries removed, it can still affect hormone levels. The uterus and ovaries share blood supply, so removing the uterus can cause ovarian dysfunction which of course, also leads to hormone imbalance.

It's these little but important details that your doctor usually doesn't tell you when he/she suggests a hysterectomy.

Medical Approach to Hormone Imbalance Caused by A Hysterectomy

A doctor may prescribe one or more of the following drugs following surgery.

  • Premarin - made from the urine of pregnant mares - can have many terrible side effects.
  • Provera - sometimes called progesterone but it's synthetic and can cause serious side effects.
  • Prempro - combination of Premarin and Provera.
  • Birth Control Pills - synthetic progesterone.

Side effects from these synthetic hormones can be blood clots, breast tenderness, migraines, increased cancer risk, heart attack and stroke, fluid retention, gall stonesvaginal bleeding, muscle cramps, increased blood glucose, high blood pressure worse fibroids and endometriosis.

In addition, many women are prescribed powerful drugs for depression, pain or sleep problems and these drugs come with their own side effects.

Also, progesterone does more than just help maintain natural hormone balance in the body. It is also important for bone health, thyroid function, sleep and brain health.

Don’t let a doctor prescribe any synthetic hormones without an adequate amount of progesterone to balance it out. Better yet, avoid the synthetic hormones altogether if you can.



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