Low Testosterone Treatment

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Low testosterone treatment is not a one size fits all therapy.

Different approaches may be required depending on symptoms and levels of other hormones.

Also, low testosterone treatment may mean that you don't actually need to increase testosterone but that you need to increase free-circulating testosterone.

That is two different things.

Sometimes, there is adequate testosterone in the body but it becomes bound to other elements in the blood.

This makes it unusable by the body and there are ways to free this testosterone naturally and help to regain your health and vitality.

Herbs for Low Testosterone Treatment

Extracts of the herbs saw palmetto, stinging nettle and wild oat are very effective for increasing free-circulating testosterone.

But for maximum effect, adding a bioidentical hormone cream is the best approach. Natural progesterone can help to balance all hormones, not just testosterone.

Most hormone imbalance involves more than just testosterone and one of the major causes of this is xenoestrogens.

Low testosterone can have many physical effects on the body and low energy is the most common complaint.

Low libido is also common.

Most hormone imbalance problems for males and females involve reproductive functions but over time many other side effects and health issues can occur because hormones control all body functions.

After years of imbalance, circulation problems can occur including varicose veins. Digestion problems, skin problems, hair loss (including male pattern baldness), thyroid problems, sore muscles and joints, etc.

Also testosterone levels are directly related to the drive to succeed and many times, apathetic attitudes can be improved with a low testosterone treatment.

This is an example of how hormones can affect thoughts and emotions. Many people think that people are lazy or apathetic due to thought processes that they can change or control but hormones can affect this thought process in a huge way.

This has been proven by males and females who have much more drive after balancing testosterone levels and yes, females need testosterone just as much as males do. They just need smaller amounts.

A low testosterone treatment can turn your life around if low testosterone is a factor in your health and thinking processes.

The bioidentical hormone cream we recommend is the most concentrated on the market and can help you balance testostosterone and estrogen levels.

Too high estrogen levels is a major reason for the big bellies many men carry around.

The best low testosterone treatment is to balance hormones naturally. No negative health side effects or issues like medical hormone therapy which is synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormones have been proven to cause cancer!


How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

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