Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally Has Health Advantages

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Lowering high blood pressure naturally has many health benefits.

It reduces chances of a cholesterol problem, helps avoid circulation and heart problems, the chances of other degenerative diseases occurring such as diabetes and it eliminates possible side effects of high blood pressure medications.

Controlling high blood pressure naturally is not hard to do - there are herbs for high blood pressure that work very well and adding dietary changes can eliminate high blood pressure permanently.

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is sometimes called the silent killer because when you begin to develop high blood pressure, the person usually doesn't notice any symptoms.

You have to get your blood pressure checked to find out.

Lowering high blood pressure in the early phase (pre-hypertension), is very easy to do and important because catching it in the early stages reduces the chances of damage to the rest of your circulation system and your heart.

Normal blood pressure readings are systolic pressure at less than 120 and diastolic pressure less than 80. Prehypertension is defined medically as systolic 120-139 and diastolic from 80-89. Anything higher than these numbers is defined as high blood pressure (hypertension).

High Blood Pressure Medications

High blood pressure medications fall into four different types.

  • Diuretics, which increase urination, reducing the amount of fluid in circulation, reducing pressure.
  • Calcium channel blockers relax and widen the arteries to reduce blood pressure.
  • Beta blockers reduce the strength of the heartbeat, reducing pressure - kind of scary, right?
  • ACE inhibitors, which are also used to relax and widen arteries.

Depending which drugs you use, side effects of these medications can be sweating, itching, depression, sexual dysfunction, increased risk of stroke and cancer.

Sadly, that's a common medical approach - try to deal with one symptom and possibly causing other symptoms.

That's why health issues are better addressed naturally, if possible.

The Natural Way for Lowering High Blood Pressure

Fixing The Problem Instead of Dealing With The Symptoms of High Blood Pressure.

True healing means correcting body functions and healing the causes behind the problems, whether we are talking about lowering high blood pressure or other health problems.

Now, stop and think for a minute about the medical approach.

They prescribe diuretics to make you urinate more, yet they will tell you to drink 5-8 glasses of water a day because most people don't drink enough. Is there something wrong with that scenario?

What about making your heartbeat weaker? Isn't it kind of scary to interfere with your body functions on that level?

Now, what about relaxing and widening arteries to reduce pressure? At first glance it looks good but if you only address the arteries, you are missing the reasons why the arteries aren't as flexible as they should be. What is causing the arteries to stiffen?

An example of another medical approach that tries to deal with symptoms instead of causes. As a side note, high blood pressure medications are one of the big moneymakers for the pharmaceutical companies.

In addition to the side effects noted above, it's also known that powerful prescription drugs can cause internal damage, especially to kidneys and liver. Why take this chance if you don't have to?

Now, what if you could deal with the problem naturally and the product was clinically tested and verified?


Causes of High Blood Pressure

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