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A natural diabetes treatment can do more than just help to control blood sugar levels. It can help to correct the causes of diabetes. The right approach can help to reverse diabetes and reversing diabetes improves your health and lenthgens your life.

Insulin is the master control hormone for body our metabolism and insulin is also affected by progesterone. Progesterone is used to create other hormones in the body and progesterone levels can also affect insulin resistance. Too little progesterone increases insulin resistance and insulin resistance is the first step toward developing diabetes.

A natural diabetes treatment should address each factor in the cause of diabetes and this starts with insulin resistance. There are herbs that can do this quite well - you don't need drugs to do it.

A natural treatment should also help to heal the digestive system and improve the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin.

Diabetes is A Result of More Than Just
A Blood Sugar Problem

There is more behind diabetes than just a blood sugar problem. There are many factors coming together that end up causing diabetes before symptoms are noticed but the warning signs are not recognized by many people until it's too late. Organ functions are becoming impaired long before blood sugar problems develop.

It's definitely better to take herbs to control blood sugar than to take drugs, since herbs won't have long term negative health effects, but only addressing blood sugar levels doesn't correct the underlying problems that were the causes of diabetes in the first place.

The medical choice of drug treatment for diabetes is the drug metformin. Metformin works by delaying the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive system. However, there are also herbs that work just as well and do not have the potential side effects of metformin. 

Any time you can substitute something natural for a drug, you're helping your health, since all drugs are hard on the body in the long term.

Natural Diabetes Treatment Can Help
Correct Causes of Diabetes

Delaying absorption of carbs smooths out the sugar spikes so you don't get such sharp rises in blood sugar. This can help with insulin resistance and insulin resistance is one of the first signs of diabetes be noticed. 

But decreasing insulin resistance is just one important step in natural diabetes treatment.

Excess insulin damages organs and so does high blood sugar levels.

Addressing these issues is also necessary to reverse diabetes. Repairing organs and systems is essential to reversing diabetes and eliminating the need for insulin shots or prescription drugs, so blood sugar levels are again under control of your body.

Since fluctuating blood sugar levels also result in nutrients not being absorbed properly, there are some supplements that are also essential for 100% recovery.

For a natural diabetes treatment, take Naavudi, our glucose support product. 

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The Most Powerful Anti-aging Secret

Balancing hormones and controlling blood sugar are the best anti-aging secrets of all, since hormones control every function that occurs in the body and blood sugar levels control how well we absorb nutrients.

Hormone imbalance causes body cells to malfunction - things don't happen when they should or as well as they should.

The body absorbs nutrients best in a very narrow blood sugar range - above or below this range causes faster breakdown of organs and systems which equals faster aging. That's why diabetics face organ failure and amputations.


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