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Natural hair loss treatments can be effective for male hair loss or female hair loss when hormone imbalance is a cause of hair loss.

Much of the time hormone Imbalance is a major cause of hair loss and hormone imbalance can also cause hair to grow where you don't want it.

What is referred to as male pattern baldness can also affect females. 

Good natural hair loss treatments should attempt to correct all the known factors resulting in hair instead of just addressing isolated issues.

For example; There are some methods that just try to keep hair follicles from clogging and activating the hair follicle.

There is nothing wrong with that but it is only addressing part to the problem.

If you address the reasons behind hair follicles clogging and going dormant, you are correcting the real causes of hair loss. 

There are some factors that affect hair loss more than others but at the same time, paying more attention to your health habits will help you to correct the situation faster and to maintain healthy hair.

Hair is just like the rest of your body - it requires certain conditions and nutrients to maintain good health.

Hair is one of the body parts that can indicate when your health needs attention. Limp hair, fine hair, oily hair, dry hair, prematurely grey hair and excessive hair loss can all be indicators that something in your body is out of balance and your health needs attention.

Your hair can also be tested to show what chemicals you have ingested and what nutrients are missing in your diet.

But people tend not to think about hair much until they start to lose it. Then the panic sets in and they try everything they can get their hands on.

However, some research and understanding of basic factors involved in hair loss can give you some direction and knowledge to evaluate whether natural hair loss treatments may work for you.

No one can say for sure, but some experimentation and educated guesswork may give you the results you want.

So, following are some guidelines to help you deal with the issues behind many people's hair loss.

Progesterone - The Most Powerful of All Natural Hair Loss Treatments

The Most Powerful Single Remedy of All Natural Hair Loss Treatments 

Important Factors for Healthy Hair.

  • 1. Maintaining proper ratios Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids. Proper ration helps to control inflammation and insulin resistance which can play a role in hair loss.
  • Even if you don't have diabetes, many people have some insulin resistance due to to much refined carbs in their diet. This constantly raises blood sugar, increasing insulin resistance.
  • 2. Preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) Excessive scalp oil causes a high level of alpha-5 reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone in dihydrotestosterone.
  • DHT causes pore clogging, choking off the hair follicle and the hairs become finer and finer until they fall out permanently or are so fine you cannot see them.
  • 3. A study of young men with male pattern baldness  showed that the blood flow to their scalps was on average, 2.6 times lower than in a control group. That's why devices that use electrical stimulation and infra red light have been helpful for some men.
  • 4. Autoimmune conditions can cause hair loss.
  • 5. Hormone imbalance can cause hair loss and dead, lifeless looking hair. There are many things that can cause hormone imbalance and most people with hair loss can benefit from natural hair loss treatments that address hormone issues.

Hormone imbalance can cause not only hair loss, but can also cause hair to grow where you don't want it.

For example; longer hair protruding from your nose or unwanted hair appearing around the nipples in women, unwanted facial hair in men and women, long, stray hairs in any area of the body where there is usually very small hairs or no hair at all.

Hair loss can also be in areas such as eyebrows. That's why many women may lose their eyebrows as they age and hormone imbalance becomes worse.

Improving testosterone levels naturally also increases sex drive in both men and women. Men and women use exactly the same hormones - it's just the amounts their body needs that are different.

The most powerful, single factor to address with natural hair loss treatments is hormone imbalance and the best way to balance hormones is with natural progesterone.

That's because hormone imbalance is a big factor in most cases of hair loss and progesterone is not only natural, but the best hormone balancing treatment of all.

Also read this info on natural hair loss treatments using herbs that can increase free-circulating testosterone in the bloodstream. Free circulating testosterone is not the same as total amount of testosterone.

In females, it is common with the condition called PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) to have excessive hair loss because hormones are severely out of balance.

PCOS is also a good example of the ability of natural progesterone to balance hormones. Using bioidentical hormone therapy (natural progesterone) is the most effective of any natural hair loss treatments plus all the other symptoms that come with PCOS.

Natural progesterone is also much more effective for reversing PCOS than any medical approach and a healthier diet multiplies the effects.

Progesterone Corrects Hormone Imbalance Issues Involved in Hair Loss - For Men & Women.



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