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Natural health supplements are not all created equal.

Extraction methods, manufacturing processes and quality of ingredients all play a crucial role in effectiveness and quality of health supplements.

Poor quality health supplements absorb poorly in the body and do you little or no good. Bargain brands may not save you any money in the long term, since they may be just a waste of money.

First of all, the forms of many minerals sold are the cheapest form available.

Some supplements have more than one form available and some have many forms available.

Here's an example; Magnesium is an important mineral that many people are short of, but some of the cheaper forms do not absorb well.

Magnesium citrate absorbs better than magnesium oxide, so magnesium citrate may cost more, but it does a better job.

That's just a simple example, but the best absorption form of natural health supplements presently known is the colloidal form of supplements. Because the supplement particles are in a smaller, natural form, they absorb faster and better in there body.

They are also absorbed better because they don't need to go through the complete digestive process. They can be absorbed directly and are more likely to get to the areas where they are needed.

Less Than 10% of Many Supplements Absorbed

Most supplements go through the digestive system so a high percentage of them ends up in the sewer because they are not absorbed well. The body may use some of them and the rest is flushed away.

Colloidal supplments from natural sources have a much higher chance of being absorbed and used in the body. 

Also, natural health supplements in liquid form tend to get absorbed quicker than other forms. Pills, tablets and capsules have to be broken down in the body, affecting absorption.

So, a liquid supplement in colloidal form is getting to the high end of supplement quality and absorption.

Regular supplements commonly have an absorption rate under 10% and that's why recommended dosage is higher. You can take a lower volume of a well absorbed health supplement.

Many regular supplements are also sourced from inorganic suppliers that have cheap sources in third world countries where regulations are non-existent and crops are grown in heavily polluted areas.

The Purest, Most Absorbable Natural Health Supplements Available.

Extracted Naturally & Used By Professional Athletes for Faster Healing, Health Maintenance & Top Sports Performance.

Provides Elements Missing from The Modern Diet & Helps to Absorb & Process Other Nutrients More Efficiently!

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High Quality Natural Health Supplements May Help Heal Chronic Conditions

High quality natural health supplements will always be at a higher price point than cheap ones because they cost a lot more to produce. But they also have much more potential to improve your health and heal chronic conditions that occurred because of a shortage of nutrients.

Many people don't realize that incomplete nutrition is a direct factor in slow healing and situations where injuries don't heal seem to heal completely. That's one reason why old injuries will flare up as you age.

They never healed completely to begin with and as you age and your immune system gets weaker, the injury starts to break down further.

When you are young, nothing seems to affect you, but as you age healing slows and incomplete nutrition is part of the problem.

The Biggest Secret to The Best
Natural Health Supplements

There is one more secret that makes this supplement stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Have you ever heard of humic acid or fulvic acid?

They play a very special role in nutrition that most people don't know about.

Researchers know what role they play in nature but now they have been harnessed to provide the ultimate natural health supplements.

This what they do for you!

Fulvic Acid - The Most Important Nutrition Discovery of The Last Decade

For thousands of years, humans received beneficial nutrients from the soil through plants and animals.The modern farming practices, pesticides and mineral depletion have decreased microbial activity in the soil.

The soil needs to maintain a healthy bacterial balance and could be compared to the way your digestive system needs to maintain a proper good/bad bacteria balance for optimal health.

Fulvic acid derived from humates usually contains more than seventy minerals and trace elements that are essential for optimum health. 

Humates are the major components of the organic matter throughout nature and are the result of beneficial bacteria causing the decomposition of plants (humification). Humates are recognized as the most important factor in sustainable agriculture.

Modern agriculture has destroyed this humic balance in much of the soil, especially in industrialized countries with modern farming practices.

That's a major reason for outbreaks of organisms that can cause food poisoning and death. The soil good/bad bacteria balance is upset. allowing bad bacteria to invade our soil and food crops causing a huge imbalance.

Fulvic acid is an important component of humates because it can contain in excess of 70 nutrients and trace elements that are essential for good health. 

In addition to enhancing absorption of nutrients, fulvic acid is a great antioxidant.

It can also help to transform inorganic minerals and nutrients into an organic form. That's how plants convert inorganic nutrients into organic nutrients and fulvic acid also helps to break down toxic chemicals in the soil.

Fulvic acid also helps cells in the body communicate better with each other. Cells communicate with each other by signals which are accomplished through electrolyte activity. 

Fulvic acid enhances electrolyte activity.

All of the above factors together in one supplement makes it the most powerful natural health supplement available - it has no equal.

Extracted Naturally & Used By Professional Athletes for Faster healing, Health Maintenance & Top Sports Performance.

Provides Elements Missing from The Modern Diet & Helps to Absorb & Process Nutrients More Efficiently!

Give Your Body All The Micro Nutrients & Trace Elements Missing in Our Food Chain

The Best Nutritional Health Supplements of All Are Also The Best Anti Aging Supplements of All.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed!


Best Health Supplements

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