PCOS Treatment

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PCOS treatment is best done with natural methods for best results.

The right supplements plus bioidentical hormone therapy can be very successful but can also take a few months to completely get rid of PCOS symptoms.

A lack of the supplements zinc, selenium, arginine, N-acetyl cysteine, Glutathione and Vitamin D can all affect PCOS, especially vitamin D.

A lack of vitamin D in cases of PCOS has been noted by researchers. Take at least 5000 units per day of the vitamin D3 form.

High sugar intake can also affect PCOS symptoms. Take the Inosotol form of vitamin B to help reverse insulin resistance if you have high blood sugar levels.

Also, it's absolutely essential for a complete PCOS treatment to take progesterone every day to restore ovarian function and help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Also, check to see if you have a yeast problem. Many people, male and female have symptoms that are caused by a chronic yeast infection and never pin down the cause.

A chronic yeast infection can cause a major hormone imbalance and the yeast infection must be dealt with before the hormone levels can be brought back to normal.

This major hormone imbalance caused by yeast infection can be a leading cause of PCOS symptoms and must be addressed for a complete PCOS treatment.

A chronic yeast infection causes a critical imbalance of good/bad bacteria in the digestive system and this can also cause dozens of mystery ailments and symptoms in addition to hormone imbalance.

Natural Hormone Balance is Essential for a Complete  & Effective PCOS Treatment

Avoiding Synthetic Hormones is an Important Part of PCOS Treatment

Avoid meat with synthetic hormones and antibiotics since this is a cause of hormone imbalance. Many food and animal crops are raised with synthetic hormones to speed up production, put on weight faster, etc. and antibiotics are used in animal feed to control sickness.

These antibiotics then end up in your body and upset your good/bad bacteria balance, which also upsets hormone balance.

Then these synthetic hormones end up in your body and can cause hormone imbalance.

Even if you can't eat organic foods, try to buy foods from local growers who don't use chemicals since many of the chemicals used on crops are also synthetic types of estrogen.

They are called xenoestrogens and disrupt your normal hormones causing all kinds of negative side effects.

Progesterone will help to restore normal hormone levels which helps to push out the xenoestrogens.

Restoring normal hormone levels can also help to lose weight and eliminate cravings since cravings are a signal that something in the body is out of balance.

That's the basics of a good PCOS treatment and an example of how things work together in the body to create good health.

You cannot address only one single aspect of major health problems. You have to address all major issues for  complete healing and this is also true for an effective PCOS treatment. 

Because PCOS is caused by hormone imbalance, the best PCOS treatment is with natural, bioidentical hormones.


PCOS Symptoms

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