PMS Depression

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PMS depression usually comes with other symptoms of PMS and these are usually related to symptoms of hormone imbalance in women.

These symptoms are also usually easy to correct with bioidentical hormone therapy - a much healthier alternative than medical HRT (hormone replacement therapy),

Medical HRT  can cause serious health problems in addition to very negative side effects.

Look at it this way. Birth control pills are synthetic hormones and it is now proven that they can cause problems in addition to breast cancer.

Bioidentical hormone therapy can help to correct the cause of PMS depression instead of just addressing the symptoms like medical HRT does.

Don't take those kinds of chances with your health if you don't have to!

If you correct PMS depression with bioidentical hormone therapy, you will also find improvements in other areas of health. 

Bioidentical hormone therapy involves mainly the use of progesterone cream but there are other supplements that can also help progesterone do its job better.

Lifestyle changes, mainly dietary, can also enhance the effects of the progesterone.

Many doctors prescribe synthetic estrogen for these symptoms when too much estrogen is the problem when hormones are out of balance. This is called estrogen dominance.

Excess estrogen can cause many of the symptoms of PMS including PMS depression since medical estrogen is synthetic in addition to the problem being too much estrogen. 

Using progesterone to counter balance the effects of excess estrogen is the best answer and it's natural.

Got PMS Depression?

Want to Give It The Boot for Good?

You Can Do It & Do It Naturally Too!

Bioidentical Progesterone for PMS Depression 

Nutrition & PMS Depression

It is important to take vitamin D with progesterone because progesterone will not absorb properly without adequate levels of vitamin D. Enough essential fatty acids (EFAs) are also important.

Vitamin D is also known to help some people with depression symptoms.

It would probably be a good idea to add a high quality multivitamin too since inadequate nutrients can make PMS depression symptoms worse.

Hormones fluctuate more in females than males each month due to the monthly cycle and during certain times in the cycle, progesterone is at a low point.

When progesterone levels dip to low, this can result in other PMS symptoms in addition to depression.

Even though low levels of progesterone can cause many health problems the worst thing is that many people go their whole life not realizing that their problems could be easily corrected naturally.

Bioidentical hormone therapy can help many conditions whether you have PMS depression or some other health problems and you won't damage your health, increase cancer risks or any other side effects associated with powerful prescription drugs or medical HRT.

Depression is One of The Common Symptoms of PMS. Hormone Imbalance is Also Common In Industrialized Countries & Usually The Main Cause of PMS Symptoms.

Treat PMS Depression Naturally - With Bioidentical Hormones!


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