Progesterone Side Effects

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Progesterone side effects are possible, especially for people who have had hormone imbalance for an extended time and have an over abundance of synthetic hormones in the body.

As progesterone replaces the synthetic hormones and xenoestrogens, this can cause elimination symptoms.

Just reduce your dose if symptoms are too intense. This situation will resolve itself over time.

It's not because progesterone is bad for you or affecting your health in a negative way.

Progesterone Side Effects Are Not Negative

I know of a lady who had intense side effects for a while, due to her being on birth control pills for over 20 years. After reducing dosage for a couple weeks until her elimination symptoms levelled off, then increasing dosage again, her health improved dramatically.

Most people do not have intense side effects and calling it "progesterone side effects" is not really accurate.

Progesterone side effects are actually a correction phase due to the estrogen receptors in your body cells becoming more sensitive. It is not a problem for most people - male or female. For a very few people, these side effects can be an issue.

It's what progesterone is helping to eliminate from your system and the changes your body is going through that is giving you the side effects. After side effects subside, you are on the road to recovery.

There is an adjustment period for some people as the hormone receptors in your body become more sensitive due to the effects of progesterone on these receptors.

Reduce dosage if you need to but try not to stop. Or you can try increasing dosage to eliminate symptoms - everyone is different. Progesterone is natural - don't be afraid to experiment a little if you need to.

There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

The sad part is that some of these people give up using progesterone because they don't find proper instructions for using it or aren't told about possible side effects.

Also, women who have a monthly period need to follow the instructions enclosed with the product for best results. Also, check this page for guidelines on using progesterone.

If you are on HRT and want to discontinue, taper off the pills/patches/inserts over a 2-6 month period.

Understanding the situations that may arise and how to take progesterone may make the difference in you achieving the health changes you want or quitting too soon.

To summarize - progesterone side effects are not a negative occurrence - you just have to know why it happens and how to deal with it. It's not actually not progesterone side effects but side effects from the changes progesterone is making within your body.


Here's a positive note about progesterone side effects.

Progesterone has a big effect on mood because it helps to balance hormones. Progesterone may eliminate your need for anti-depressants.

Many people with hormone imbalance have to cope with depression and if everyone diagnosed with depression had hormones levels tested, most would likely have hormone imbalance.

Natural Progesterone Corrects Hormone Imbalance Better Than Any Prescription Medication & Better Than HRT.


Progesterone Therapy

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After arising in the morning, don't head for the coffee pot or the frying pan.

Eat only some type of raw fruit - any fruit is good but acid fruits are much better than sweet fruits like dates and bananas. Let the fruit digest for 30 minutes before eating other food and better yet, don't eat any other foods till after 10 am.

The acid fruits help to clean toxins out of your digestive system and heal the soft mucosal layer in the digestive system.

Raw fruits can also help to improve digestion by speeding up the movement of food through your digestive system and can also help with constipation.

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