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Prostate treatment is usually referring to BPH, which means benign prostate hyperplasia.

That's the scientific term for a swollen or enlarged prostate.

Prostate treatment is also simple and easy to do with natural methods when you understand the cause of an enlarged prostate gland.

Hormone imbalance is usually the cause and although there are medical prostate treatments, think carefully and search the internet for stories of men who have chosen medical treatment.

Guaranteed, you won't like a lot of what you find.

The side effects can be devastating.

A sad situation that is unnecessary when it's usually an easy condition to treat.

PSA testing is deeply flawed and produces many false positives that can lead to a lot of stress and sometimes unnecessary treatment.

The widespread use of PSA testing has resulted in a dramatic increase in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer and aside from the large number of false positives, many men do not benefit from treatment because the disease is not aggressive.

Bottom line - don't panic if you do have elevated levels of PSA or even a diagnosis of prostate cancer. If your doctor seems bent on treatment, get an option from another doctor.

If your cancer isn't aggressive, just monitoring your situation may be the safest way to go.

Surgery and radiation have significant side effects and risk. These types of prostate treatment can result in urinary incontinence, bowel dysfunction and sexual problems.

On the other hand, if it's not aggressive, it can usually be treated naturally with good results - no surgery and no negative side effects.

Natural Prostate Treatment

Natural treatment for enlarged prostate is a safe, effective treatment.

Dietary changes can help with prostate treatment - that is, a diet free or very limited in foods that contain synthetic hormones and chemicals.

It doesn't have to be organic but for example, vegetables grown locally, without chemicals and purchased at a farmer's market or a local grower you know.

Certain supplements are essential too for keeping the prostate healthy.

But most important regarding enlarged prostate treatment is to balance hormones.

Due to our modern lifestyle, most people actually have some degree of hormone imbalance and many people have symptoms that indicate a high level of hormone imbalance.

Prostate problems, hair loss, manboobs, allergies, beer belly, low energy, E.D, impotence, apathy are examples that can be symptoms of hormone imbalance.

The good news is that balancing hormones for an enlarged prostate will also reduce your risk for prostate cancer manyfold. It's like the old saying - killing two birds with one stone.

Natural & Effective Prostate Treatment Treats The Cause of Enlarged Prostate Quickly

What Causes a Swollen Prostate?

Testosterone levels drop with age and also estradiol levels usually rise simultaneously. That's the main reason older men develop breasts.

As in women, estradiol stimulates cell growth and is potentially cancerous.

Estradiol stimulates the BCL2 gene. This gene is responsible stopping cell death.

Sounds like something from the fountain of your - right? But really cells are created to live and die within a similar time frame.

When cells don't die as fast as new cells are created, the excess cells cause swelling of the prostate.

Uncontrolled cell growth is also a potentially cancerous situation, which is why prostate cancer is so common in men at middle age or older.

Because this situation is caused by hormone imbalance, balancing hormones can do wonders to correct it.

Saw Palmetto is A Very Quick Acting Prostate Treatment

Saw palmetto extract is a great addition to any prostate treatment since it works directly on the prostate.

But addressing the cause of hormone imbalance by adding progesterone addresses the cause of prostate enlargement, which is hormone imbalance.

Use them both to correct prostate enlargement quickly and fix the problem for good by taking progesterone regularly!

Use a saw palmetto tincture instead of capsules for faster  and better absorption!


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