Severe Depression Treatment

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Severe depression treatment usually makes people think of powerful prescription drugs, since that's what we've been conditioned to believe is the answer and it's what we see and hear all the time in the media.

However, depression has been definitely connected to hormonal changes in men and women.

Because natural depression treatment doesn't make the news (no money in it for the pharmaceutical giants), the average person isn't exposed to the natural answers unless they start doing their own searching on the subject or talk to someone who has some knowledge or experience with the subject.

An example many people are familiar with is mild depression as one of the symptoms of PMS.

Although this doesn't usually fall into the category of severe depression treatment, it is an example of hormonal changes affecting mood and attitude.

Also, natural or bioidentical hormone therapy is not only for severe depression treatment, it is good for mild to severe symptoms and doesn't upset the body or carry the negative side effects that prescription drugs do. 

Natural progesterone is a miracle of nature, since it's good for treating many conditions in addition to depression.

Any condition connected to hormone imbalance may benefit from progesterone therapy. Since hormones control every function in the body, correcting imbalance can have many and far reaching health effects.

All Body Functions Are Controlled by Hormones

All body functions are controlled by various hormones and one example most people have heard of is insulin. Insulin helps to control blood sugar but more than that, keeping the blood sugar in a narrow range optimizes nutrient absorption into the cells. That is one of the main roles of insulin - optimal nutrient absorption.

That's why diabetics lose function in certain parts of the body over time - their body is no longer absorbing nutrients properly and the delivery system (blood vessels) is breaking down.

Progesterone can help your body to improve blood sugar control which is part of hormonal balance.

Back to depression - since the medical profession knows hormone imbalance can cause depression, why don't they treat it with progesterone?

It's because of their training. 

Unless they have taken up extra studies on the subject, what they are taught in medical school conforms to the drugs and medical procedures that are recommended in their training for depression symptoms.

There are open-minded medical doctors as well as naturopathic doctors who have studied, experimented, researched and discovered what I am saying.

That natural progesterone is good for not only severe depression treatment but treatment of many physical ailments and symptoms.

Symptoms that many times are related to mental, emotional and physical problems.

Progesterone should be called the mother of all hormones, since it is used by the body to make the other hormones. It is used to make male and female hormones.

Males and females use exactly the same hormones - it's just the amounts that are different.

Aging also changes hormonal levels, but this can also be addressed with progesterone cream to help maintain good health.

Topical skin cream has been found to be the best absorption method. Other methods cause progesterone to be absorbed too quickly or not absorbed well enough.

Also, avoiding the side effects of powerful drugs is a concern for many people in addition to damage to health with extended use.

Many powerful drugs now carry warnings that they should have had years ago, about kidney and liver damage. These powerful drugs can also upset hormone balance. 

Fighting chronic depression successfully means fighting it naturally - so you can win!

Natural Severe Depression Treatment

Severe Depression Treatment Doesn't Necessarily Require Prescription Drugs

When hormones are severely out of balance, severe depression treatment is needed  but only a natural treatment can correct it. Powerful drugs address the symptoms but don't correct the underlying problem.

Powerful anti-psychotic drugs can never correct hormone imbalance.

The proof of this is the psychotic behaviour that many mass shooters display. 

If they were tested, it would likely be found that their hormones are severely out of balance and non-existent or once mild hormone imbalance symptoms, were exacerbated by the powerful anti-psychotic drugs.

These powerful drugs also affect brain chemistry in ways that are not yet understood.

The more powerful drugs a society takes, the more severely disturbed types of behaviour that will be noted. How many countries have the number of annual mass shootings that the US has?

Severe depression treatment requires only that you think outside the box, read and do your own research and keep an open mind. 

Don't believe what anyone tells you until you have done your own investigation of the subject.


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