Symptoms of
Low Testosterone

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Symptoms of low testosterone can be many because hormone levels affect everything that happens in the body.

Some of the common symptoms are; blood sugar problems (insulin is a hormone), prostate problems, low libido, E.D., hair loss, low sperm count (infertility), beer belly and manboobs.

Those are common male problems although many other symptoms of physical problems can happen and symptoms that, many times, are not connected to hormone imbalance.

Symptoms that, many times, get misdiagnosed and possibly treated as having another cause, so health levels are never improved satisfactorily.

One of the most common symptoms of low testosterone is a lack of drive - an apathetic attitude toward accomplishment, although this isn't always a symptom. 

Sometimes it will go in the other direction - people becoming workaholics, but that is also usually related to other symptoms such as adrenal exhaustion, blood sugar problems, etc.

When hormone levels go haywire, it can affect many body functions and all problems must be addressed to regain a high level of health and energy.

Improving symptoms of low testosterone naturally requires lifestyle changes and using bioidentical hormones.

There can be more than one cause related to symptoms of low testosterone.

Xeno-Estrogens Are A Big 
Problem Due to Lifestyle

Too high estrogen levels, too much xenoestrogens (synthetic hormones) in the body, low free-circulating testosterone levels and declining levels of testosterone can all cause symptoms of low testosterone.

Low free-circulating testosterone means too much testosterone that becomes bound up to other elements in the blood, making the testosterone unavailable for use by the body.

In this case, freeing up this testosterone can be done with the right herbal remedies and it's very effective.

Increase bioavailable testosterone.

Balance Hormones & Increase Testosterone Naturally.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone Are Easy to Correct with Bioidentical Hormones

Of course, age is also a factor. A hormone imbalance will cause more severe symptoms with aging.

So, when hormone levels are compromised, other factors may need to be addressed such as low thyroid function, low adrenal function, etc. because symptoms from these problems may be a part of your hormone imbalance problems.

This is because when major functions go wrong in the body, it affects many other parts of the system and other glands/organs that affect hormone levels can be a part of the problem.

Over years of hormone imbalance many other symptoms of low testosterone will manifest.

Varicose veins, diabetes, chronically sore muscles, aching joints, vision loss and many other premature aging symptoms.

Since hormones control all body functions, over time the body aging is speeded up because the body doesn't receive what is needs due to thesis functions not happening as they should.

An example everyone is familiar with is the hormone insulin. 

The body needs the proper amount of insulin for the cells to absorb nutrients and blood sugar that is constantly too high or too low causes incomplete absorption of nutrients - another cause of premature aging.

So you may need to address more than just symptoms of low testosterone to correct things and feel the way you want to.

But correcting hormone imbalance is a good place to begin health improvement for many people because hormone imbalance is very common due to modern lifestyle factors.

All hormones need to be in balance to feel healthy and energetic.

The good news is that, because male and female hormones are derived from progesterone, natural progesterone can help to recover optimal hormone levels.

Treat Symptoms of Low Testosterone Naturally for Best Results & Zero negative Side Effects.


How to Increase Testosterone

Increase Free Circulating Testosterone

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