Bioavailable  Testosterone Treatment 

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A testosterone treatment that improves bioavailable testosterone may be all you need to turn low testosterone symptoms around.

Many men, due to factors that affect hormones, have good testosterone levels but the testosterone isn't available for their body to use.

Testosterone can become bound to other elements in the blood, making it unavailable for use. Freeing up this testosterone may be just what you need.

Testosterone, like other hormones, is created from cholesterol in the body. 

Normal testosterone levels for males and female are:

Men: 270-1070 ng/dl (nanogram per deciliter) 

Women: 15-70 ng/dl 

A nanogram is a billionth of a gram and a decilitre is 1/10 of a liter. Very tiny amount but very important to have.

Everyone is different, so falling above or below the average ranges is possible and still have good health.

The ranges are just a general indicator and it depends if you have health problems related to testosterone, whether or not you may need testosterone treatment.

Testosterone Treatment is A Big Antiaging Factor

Testosterone gives you energy and drive to accomplish, improves libido and sex performance and decreases fat for men and women. It also affects the circulatory system.  

As testosterone levels drop the above benefits turn around 180 degrees and aging quickens.

Testosterone levels drop with aging, so it's a good idea to consider a natural testosterone treatment that can help to maintain a good level of testosterone in addition to balancing other hormones, since many hormone levels are affected with aging.

Progesterone - Natural Testosterone Treatment

Up to 98% of Your Testosterone May be Unavailable to Your Body

Up 98% of the testosterone circulating in the blood can be bound to protein. In men, around 40% of binding is to the sex hormone binding globulin - SHBG. Around 60% is bound weakly to albumin. 

The term "free" testosterone refers to the testosterone in the blood that is not bound to protein. The term "total testosterone" refers to the free circulating testosterone plus the protein-bound testosterone circulating in the blood.

The most important number and the one least tested for by doctors is bioavailable testosterone. Bioavailable testosterone refers to the non-SHBG bound testosterone.

That's the combination of free testosterone plus the testosterone weakly bound to albumin. The testosterone bound to albumin can easily be converted by the body back to free testosterone as needed whereas the testosterone bound to SHBG, is not so easy to change.

You need no drugs or medical procedures to improve free-circulating testosterone levels. A simple testosterone treatment that can effectively unbind testosterone only requires some effective, natural supplements. 

Take These Herbs to Increase
Bioavailable Testosterone

A little known method on how to increase testosterone naturally increases the bioavailability of the testosterone you already have.

Many men have testosterone circulating in their blood that their body cannot use.

Due to lifestyle factors, testosterone can become bound to other elements in the blood and the body then cannot use it.

Increasing the free circulating testosterone has the same effect as increasing the testosterone levels in your body if you have bound testosterone.

Two natural ways to do this are by using tinctures of stinging nettle and wild oat. They are very effective at  helping to free up testosterone over a period of a few weeks.

Progesterone is the most powerful natural way to improve hormone imbalance and taking progesterone with nettle and wild oat can quicken hormone balancing if you have bound testosterone in your blood.

Aging also increases the levels of bound testosterone.


How to Increase Testosterone

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

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