Treatments for Prostate Cancer

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Treatments for prostate cancer can be devastating for many men.

A sad situation when you realize that the prostate gland can be treated very successfully with natural methods.

PSA testing means prostate specific antigen, which is an enzyme found in the blood.

Dr. Ablin, who discovered PSA, says the test for PSA does not indicate cancer. It just indicates levels of PSA in the blood.

Infections, over the counter drugs and BPH can affect these levels even though you don't have cancer.

Research shows that men with low levels can still get cancer and men with high levels may never develop cancer.

PSA testing is deeply flawed and produces many false positives that can lead to a lot of stress and sometimes unnecessary treatment. There is a lot of over-diagnosis and men being treated when their symptoms do not require medical treatment

In addition, most prostate tutors are slow growing, especially in older men, so they may die of other causes long before prostate cancer kills them, even without medical treatment.

Research also shows that over 40% of men with prostate cancer have the disease discovered at a point where it won't affect life expectancy.

In other words, instead of surgery, you're better off to leave it alone.

Bottom line - don't panic if you do have elevated levels of PSA or even a diagnosis of prostate cancer. If your doctor seems bent on treatment, get an option from another doctor. 

If your cancer isn't aggressive, active monitoring may be the safest way to go.

Surgery and radiation have significant side effects and risk. These types of prostate treatment can result in urinary incontinence, bowel dysfunction and sexual problems.

In addition to all that, balancing hormones is probably one of the best treatments for prostate cancer for most men, since hormone imbalance is a major reason for prostate problems.

It's just another example of most medical research focusing on a medical approach, which is where the money lies for the involved in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Natural therapies get little media attention and are usually considered after medical approaches don't work or have serious side effects.

To summarize: Men with low PSA readings might still harbor dangerous cancers, while those with high readings might be completely healthy.

Men depending on a PSA test diagnosis may undergo unnecessary treatments for prostate cancer and end up with problems they never had before.

Natural Progesterone Can Help to Avoid Medical Treatments for Prostate Cancer And Possible Side Effects of Treatment from Surgery.


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