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 Xenoestrogens are something many people have never heard of but they have a huge impact on the health of many people, especially in industrialized countries.

People consume them every day In foods containing these synthetic compounds.  These synthetic chemicals interfere with normal hormone balance in the body of males and females causing all kinds of symptoms.

You cannot completely avoid exposure to xenoestrogens but you can keep their effects to a minimum.

Hormones are the messenger system for the entire body. They direct every operation that occurs. Regulating temperature, getting rid of waste, cell growth, absorbing nutrients, etc.

One hormone everyone has heard about is insulin, which is used to control blood sugar levels.

Every cell in the body has a receptor site for a natural hormone and the natural hormones can get displaced on the receptor sites by xenoestrogens.

The medical profession is aware of xenoestrogens but don't consider them as a serious problem regarding health.

Like other issues, such as natural practitioners suggesting that prescription drugs can cause damage to liver and kidneys, they are slow to admit what natural practitioners have been saying for years until the evidence can no longer be ignored and many people's health has been affected.

Now, powerful prescription drugs state the possible organ damage on the label.

The Best Way to Flush Xenoestrogens Out of Your Body & Counteract Their Negative Health Effects.

Xenoestrogens Are Fake Hormones

Xenoestrogens could be called fake hormones. They are chemicals used to enhance growth in food and animal crops and used as pesticide sprays.  They mimic natural hormones in the body, but because they are not natural they can cause side effects.

Think of grain, meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, etc. Anything that is grown or raised for food. Also chemicals that you may come in contact with at work or anywhere else can also be xenoestrogens.

Many of the chemicals used in food production fall into this xenoestrogen category.

Many of these chemicals don't break down for decades and in some cases, even centuries. In countries that use these chemicals on a regular basis, the incidence of cancer is much higher than countries that use them very little.

Also, in countries with constant use of these chemicals, all other diseases have a much higher incidence than a few decades ago.

Xenoestrogens are proven hormone disruptors, yet because of lack of media coverage, most people are not even aware of their health being attacked from this angle.

This excess estrogen, also referred to as estrogen dominance, can cause many side effects. 

Estrogen is a growth hormone and provides stimulation for tissue and blood buildup as part of the menstrual cycle.

Too much stimulation from excess estrogens can cause out of control cell growth.

This can lead to infertility, endometriosis, fibroids, cramping, PMS symptoms, low energy, weight gain, prostate problems, PCOS, hair loss, early menopause, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction and also cancer and hysterectomy surgery.

In the long run, they are probably responsible or partly responsible for any and every type of health problem, since over time, hormone imbalance interferes with all body functions.

Progesterone is the best natural way to help flush these fake estrogen chemicals out of your body and help you to regain proper hormone balance.

Most of these xenoestrogens are much more powerful than the hormones made by the body and that's why most people in industrialized countries will have some degree of hormone imbalance. Many xenoestrogens are also carcinogenic.

Excess estrogen is also the only known cause of endometrial cancer!

The bottom line is that everyone should try to remove xenoestrogens out of the body and rebalance hormones naturally and most people, male and female, in industrialized countries will have some degree of hormone imbalance.

Progesterone & Xenoestrogens

Progesterone can help to correct a hormone imbalance caused by xenoestrogens.

Progesterone will assist your body to make enough natural hormones to help displace these chemicals. Natural progesterone is the best and most effective way to counteract xenoestrogens.

The xenoestrogens take over when natural hormone levels are compromised. The answer is to provide progesterone to provide your body enough natural hormones to get back on track and it also helps to remove the xenoestrogens out of your body.

When you have excessive xenoestrogens in the body you likely also have too little free circulating testosterone. 

Read here what free circulating testosterone is and how easy it is to correct this with a natural testosterone treatment.

Scientifically Validated

Science knows about the effect of Xenoestrogens but most medical doctors don't know or realize the impact they can have on health unless they take up further study and experimentation with xenoestrogens and their effects.

It's similar to other areas where the medical profession dismissed factors as unimportant such as antibiotics causing yeast infection.

After years of accumulated evidence that couldn't be ignored, there are now warnings of possible yeast infections on antibiotic labels.

It's the same story with warnings on powerful prescription drugs of possible damage to liver and kidneys. 

Natural practitioners stated those possibilities many years before the medical profession was willing to admit it and there are also other examples of this unwillingness to be open to things that they weren't taught in medical school.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding and if someone tries bioidentical hormones and it improves their health, they don't need anyone else telling them it isn't relevant. 

Natural Hormone Cream Eliminates Problems Caused by Xenoestrogens


Healthy Weight Loss Diet Tips Section

Xenoestrogens interfere with normal hormone function and anything that interferes with hormone function can cause weight gain in addition to many other health problems.

Eliminate xenoestrogens, improve your health and lose weight too!

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